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Learn about the styles, control options, valance shapes and decorative tapes to ensure your new custom LEVOLOR window treatments are perfectly tailored to work and look exactly the way you need them to in your home.

Life Styles

All about function

Lift styles determine how your window treatments will function when operated, how the view through the window will appear, and how the window treatment will look when fully retracted.


Bottom up

A classic lift style that raises window treatments from the bottom of the window frame.

Control Options Pull cord, continuous cord loop, cordless, and motorized controls
Blinds and Shades Available for a wide variety of blinds and shades


Top-down, Bottom-up

A versatile lift style allowing you to enjoy your view and maintain privacy at the same time

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Control Options Pull cord, continuous cord loop, cordless and motorization
Cellular Shades Only Available for Cellular Shades only


Vertical blinds and shades

Can stack on the right, left, center or both sides to frame your window when fully retracted. The Backstacker™ effortlessly stacks blinds.

Backstacker Backstacker™ stacks blinds to optimize the view and improve durability
Dual-Stacked Dual-Stacked Soft Vertical Blinds frame windows like drapery but still function like blinds


Lift control options

Choose the right lift control operation to work best with your personal preferences and everyday life.

Standard Corded

Full length cord opens, closes, and lifts window treatments. Retractable options are available, including same-length retractable cord.

Cord and Chain

Tilt vertical blinds with a chain. Open and close them with a continuous cord loop.

Continuous Cord Loop

A control option with a more streamlined look by tucking neatly inside the window frame.


Leave the cords behind.

Choose cordless for a clean look with smooth operation. Simply lift or pull down from the bottom rail. Available for all blinds and shades.

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LEVOLOR understands the importance of keeping kids and pets safe

Learn More About Kid and Pets Safety


Motorized blinds and shades give you the ultimate control and peace of mind with just the touch of a button.

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LEVOLOR understands the importance of keeping kids and pets safe

Learn More About Kid and Pets Safety


The finishing touch

Bring your custom blinds and shades to the next level with decorative details for a look that's uniquely you.