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What is the R-Value of the shade?

R-Value refers to the shade's ability to block out temperature differences, such as cold air outside in the winter. A higher R-Value indicates a better insulating shade.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
Solar Heat Gain is a measure of how much solar energy passes into your home. In northern climates, a higher SHGC is preferred because it allows the sun to heat the room. While in more southern climates, a lower SHGC is better because it blocks the sun.

Collections Fabric Type  SHGC 
 Energy Efficiency (Fabric R-value) Sunlight Protection (UPF Rating)
Sheer Efficiency™ with Energy Shield™ Sheer  0.40 3.33 20
Linen Woven  0.31 3.45 - 3.62 50
Translucence Woven  0.32 3.45 - 3.62 20
Designer Textures Woven  0.34 3.45 - 3.62 50
Designer Textures with Energy Shield™ Woven


3.45 - 3.62 50
Designer Textures Room Darkening


 0.21 3.45 - 3.62 50
Designer Colors Single Cell  Non-woven  0.25 3.45 - 3.57 50
Designer Colors Single Cell with Energy Shield™  Non-woven  0.23 3.45 - 3.57 50
Designer Colors Room Darkening


 0.22 3.45 - 3.57




 0.32 3.45 - 3.57


Designer Colors Double Cell

 Double Cell




Note:  Cordless and Specialty Shapes are available on all collections.  R-value testing conducted internally using industry standard methods.  R-value results vary depending upon the window pane, frame, air space between the layers of glass and tightness of the shade within the window frame.



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