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What you need before you call Customer Service for replacement parts or repairs.

  1. Order ID - Can be found on a label on the inside top of the headrail or on the original packing slip that comes with the product, under the bill of lading field, usually 2 letters followed by 6 numbers, i.e. SC 123456. (May be all numbers on older blinds and shades - prior to 1996)
  2. Approximate date of purchase - Month and year, if possible.
  3. Where purchased - store name.
  4. Brief description of concern or issue.

If calling for replacement slats for wood or metal blinds you will also need:

  1. Exact length of slat to the nearest 8th.
  2. Route hole or privacy notch positions. (Holes or notches on slats that cords run thru). Measured from extreme left of slat to center of each hole/notch. (See examples below)

Standard route holes - from extreme left end of slat to center of hole. Insert Diagram Privacy notches - from extreme left end of slat to center of notch. Insert Diagram If calling for replacement tilt gears for your horizontal blinds you will need:

  1. Type of blind. (Metal or Wood)
  2. Size of slat (1/2", 1", 1 3/8", 2", 2 1/2" or 3")
  3. Shape of rod that runs through the opening of the tilter. (Square, D shape, hex, etc.)

If calling for replacement cording (all blind types):

  1. Length and width of blind.
  2. Color cord or blind/shade.
  3. Number of times cords run vertically thru the blind.

If calling to order replacement valances, you will need:

  1. Type of blind. (Metal or Wood)
  2. Slat side of blind.
  3. Color of blind.
  4. Do the blinds mount inside or outside the window frame?
  5. If metal, does the valance have 1 or 2 slats? Is it encased in a clear plastic frame?
  6. If wood, does the back side of the valance have a groove running along the length or is it a smooth flat surface?
  7. If for a vertical, do the ends wrap around the frame or are the corners right angled?

If calling for replacement vanes for your vertical, you will need:

  1. Type of vertical if possible, if not, brand, i.e. Levolor, Kirsch, LouverDrape, etc.
  2. Actual length of vane (cut size)
  3. Color and pattern name or number.
  5. If vane is "S" shaped, do your vanes stack left or right? When looking at the front of the vane is the high side (hill) on the left or right of the low (valley) side?
  6. If the vanes are inserted, is the insert white or off-white?

If calling for replacement Vertical Headrail, you will need:

  1. Type of vertical if possible, if not, brand, i.e. Levolor, Kirsch, LouverDrape, etc.
  2. Size of vertical, width and length.
  3. Does your vertical mount inside or outside the window frame?
  4. Does the blind have a wand, or cord and chain control type?
  5. Stack and control position. (Does your blind stack to one side or does it draw from the center, like draperies? What side are the controls on?

If calling to set up repair of a blind or shade, you will also need:

  1. Type of blind/shade.
  2. Size and color blind/shade.
  3. What needs to be repaired.
  4. Where to return blind/shade once repaired.

Proof of purchase may be required to process any of the above at no cost to you.  Acceptable forms of proof of purchase are:

  1. Original receipt or invoice from your dealer.
  2. Cancelled check or credit card receipt.
  3. Original packing slip.



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