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What do I do if a vertical vane is out of alignment?

If a vertical vane is out of alignment, please do the following to correct the problem:

  1. Remove the vane.
  2. Align the carrier stem that needs adjustment (this carrier only) with the rectangular hole the carrier stem fits into.
  3. Take a pair of pliers and grip the top of the carrier.
  4. Push the carrier stem up into the rectangular hold with the pliers.
  5. Now operate the rotation chain. You will now notice the stem now inside the carrier body will not rotate.
  6. With the control chain, rotate all other stems to line up with the one to be adjusted.
  7. Take the pliers and grip the otp of the carrier you're aligning, pull downward to move the stem back into the operable position.
  8. All carrier stems should now appear to be aligned.
  9. Finish by reattaching removed vane(s).



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