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Custom Visions™ Faux Wood Blinds

Starting at:  $81.28
• Durable faux wood is available in a range of colors and finishes
• Enjoy the look of wood, with added resilience and value
• Matching finishes available in Custom Vertical Blinds to give you a coordinated look throughout your home
• Available in 53 finishes; fits windows 6"-96" wide and 6"-120" tall
Colors Cordless Options How to Measure How to Install Tech-Specs Warranty Reviews

SIMPLY cordless

Clean Look, Cordless Control

LEVOLOR offers a beautiful selection of cordless Visions Faux Wood styles in durable finishes and textures. The design of our cordless control creates a clean profile across all our windows and makes it easy to lift and lower your blinds without dangling cords. Available with standard slats, LightMaster™ and decorative tapes

2" Real Wood in Reclaimed Natural with LightMaster, cordless control, and Contemporary style package.

2" Real Wood in Gray Oil, cordless control and Traditional style package.

Style Packages

Choose your style.

Available in all Visions Faux Wood finishes.


Reflects the fine detailing of architectural accents in your home.

Shown here in Cherry.



A streamlined silhouette for a polished look.

Shown here in American Walnut


Classic™ Value

Provides lasting value at an economical price. Available in select 2" finishes.

Shown here in White


Best for Kids

Best for Kids

For a Best for Kids certified product, make sure to select cordless control type.



LEVOLOR has cordless Visions Faux Wood blinds in rich finishes and textures.



The design of our Cordless control creates a clean profile across all our windows and makes it easy to lift and lower your blinds without dangling cords.


Lift and lower your blinds using cords accented by unique LEVOLOR tassels.



Enhance your privacy with more light-blocking control or select standard slats.



Our exclusive LightMaster option eliminates route holes, blocking more light and increasing privacy. Now available with Cordless control.



Slats feature standard route holes. Now available with Cordless control.


Decorative Tapes

Personalize your blinds and unique accents.


Decorative Tapes

Customize your blinds with a selection of coordinating colors and patterns. Now available with Cordless control.

How to Measure

Measure For Inside Mounting

Measuring For Inside Mount Wood Blinds

Find Width:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width. Do not make any width deductions. Factory will make the appropriate deductions.

Find Height:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from inside surface at top of window to sill at the left, middle and right and use the longest height. If you prefer blind not to touch sill, deduct 1/4". If there is no sill, measure height to point where blind is to reach.

Standard Factory Adjustments From Ordered Width
  Custom Order Stock
Headrail 1/2" 1/2"
Blind Width 1/2" 1/2"
Valance 1/8" 1/2"

Measure For Outside Mounting

Measuring For Outside Mount Wood Blinds

Find Width:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between the outermost points where the blind is to be placed. For optimum light control, this measurement should extend 3/4" beyond the window opening on each side (or 1-1/2" for the entire width).

Find Height:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from where top of blind will be located to top of sill. If there is no sill or if blind is to overlap window frame, measure to point blind is to reach.

Allow Some Overlap

For outside mount applications allow the blind to overlap 1-1/2" to 3" on the sides, top and bottom of the window.

You must add the overlap to your measurement; LEVOLOR does not add width or height for overlap on Outside Mounted blinds.

Standard Factory Adjustments From Ordered Width
  Custom Order Stock
Headrail 1/2" No adjustment
Blind Width No adjustment No adjustment
Valance 1" added No adjustment

Critical Dimensions

NOTE: Whether you have a protruding or flush mount application is entirely dependent on the available depth of your window.


Minimum Mounting Surface

  Headrail Dimensions
(Height x Depth)
"X" Measurement
Headrail Protrudes
(Side, Back or Top Mount)
"Y" Measurement
Headrail Flush Mount
"Y" Measurement
Valance Flush Mount
1" Slat Size 1" x 1-1/2" 1/2" 1-3/4" 2-5/8"
2" Slat Size 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" 3/4" 2-1/2" 3-1/2"
2-1/2" Slat Size 1-1/2" x 2-1/4" 1-1/4" 3" 3-1/2"

How to Install Custom Wood Blinds


Before you begin your installation:

Read all installation instructions!

  • Make sure that you have all tools and hardware needed for installation.
  • Check the installation surface (wall, ceiling, or window frame) to ensure that you have suitable fasteners and tools for the material.
  • Double check the headrail and blinds for proper width and length. If you are installing several sets of blinds, be sure to match them with the appropriate window.
  • Check the parts list shipped with the product to confirm that you have the correct number of brackets.

Tools You May Need (not included):

  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • 3/8" Wrench
  • Flat-blade or Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 1/4" Nutdriver
  • Drill with Bits
  • Drywall Anchors
  • Safety glasses
  • Ladder

Step 1

Mounting Brackets

There are two types of brackets used for real and faux wood blinds installation. Bracket appearance and quantity may vary depending on size and headrail length.

Always use two mounting screws per bracket.

Box brackets (one used at each end)

Center support bracket (spaced evenly between ends)

Preparing box brackets for installation:

  • Open the front of the bracket by lifting while pressing on the bottom of the bracket to release the locking tab.

Step 2

Using optional extension brackets or spacers

If your blinds include optional extension brackets or spacers, you will need to use them to determine mounting hole locations in Steps 3 and 4.


Extension brackets

Align the holes in the box bracket with the desired set of small holes in the extension bracket, as shown, and temporarily attach the brackets together using two self-tapping screws per bracket. Use the installation screws shipped with your blinds and #8 drywall anchors (not included) to attach the extension brackets to the wall before final installation of the box bracket to the extension bracket.


NOTE: If the width of the slats on your blinds is greater than 2", then the plastic spacer must be used as shown to allow for clearance between the blinds and the window. Blinds with slats wider than 2" will not function properly without the spacer.


Step 3A

Mark the bracket locations — inside-mount installation

  • Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail. Depending on the installation location, box brackets can be attached using the top, back, or the side holes.
  • Position the center support bracket (if included) in the center, if using only one. If more than one center support bracket is included, space them evenly along the headrail. Make sure they will not interfere with components inside the blind.
  • Mark the location of the desired bracket mounting holes, two per bracket, making sure they are square and equally spaced.
  • Continue to step 4A.

Step 4A

Install the brackets — inside-mount installation

Example: Installation in a wood window frame using the included screws.

Use two screws per bracket. Drill pilot holes using a 1/16" drill bit. Depending on the installation location, box brackets can be attached using the top, back, or side holes. Continue to Step 5.



Step 3B

Mark the bracket locations — outside-mount installation

  • Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail.
  • Position the center support bracket (if included) in the center, if using only one. If more than one center support bracket is included, space them evenly along the headrail. Make sure they will not interfere with the cord mechanism.
  • Use a level to check for levelness, and mark the bracket mounting hole locations, two per bracket, making sure they are square and equally spaced.
  • Continue to step 4B.

Step 4B

Install the brackets — outside-mount installation

Example: Installation in drywall using #8 drywall anchors and the included screws.

Use two screws per bracket.

Continue to step 5.


Step 5

Attaching the headrail to the mounting brackets

  • Align the headrail, tilt mechanism facing out, with the brackets.
  • Slide it straight back into the brackets.
  • If the headrail can slide from side to side in the box brackets, use a flat-head screwdriver to bend out the tabs on the ends of the headrail until it is snug.
  • If center support bracket(s) are included, rotate front edge of headrail into channel on the bracket.
  • Lower the front of each box bracket and press until the locking tab clicks into place.
  • Remove the binding from the blinds.

Step 6

Attach the tilt wand (on some styles)

  • Pull up the sleeve (on some models) on the tilt mechanism.
  • Clip the end of the wand onto the tilt mechanism, and pull down the sleeve on the tilt mechanism.
  • Rotate the tilt wand in each direction to ensure proper operation.

Step 7

Attach optional hold-down brackets (on some styles)

NOTE: Some styles may have the hold-down pins built into the bottom rail.

  • Lower blind to desired level.
  • Position hold-down brackets one at a time in desired position on wall or door.
  • Mark the bracket mounting location on the wall or door.
  • Mark on the bottomrail the desired location of the pin.
  • Drill 1/8" diameter by 1/2" deep starter hole to prevent chipping.
  • Tap the hold-down pin into the drilled hole.
  • Attach the hold-down brackets at the bottom of the window with the included screws, as shown for your installation type.
  • Slip the hold-down pin into the hole in the bracket.

Step 8

Attach valance

Find the valance clip location indicators on the backside of the valance which say "Clip Here."

  • Insert the clips into the groove on the back side of the valance at the indicated locations. Clips are marked with "TOP" or an arrow. Rotate the clip 90°, so that the end of the clip marked "TOP" or the arrow points up.
  • Align the clips with the slots on the bottom of the headrail and clip into place.

For outside mounts:

  • Insert return clips as far as they will go into each end of the valance.
  • Align the clips with the slots on the bottom of the headrail and clip into place.
  • NOTE: For optional cornice installation, see separate instructions shipped with the product.

Step 9

Customize your cordless control.

  • The blind has been preset and is ready for use. If desired, you are able to easily adjust to loosen or tighten the tension, making lifting and lowering your blind lighter or heavier depending on your preference.
  • This adjustment can be done by simply adjusting the headrail with a Phillips head screwdriver. Rotate to the right to tighten and left to loosen a half-turn at a time to reach desired tension. A reminder is located next to the adjustment screw. We recommend not removing this sticker in order to reference for future use.

To Position Safety Cord-Stops:

Step 1

Install blind as directed by manufacturer, making sure headrail is securely fastened. Lower blind to maximum desired length and lock into place.


Step 2

Measure the distance from headrail to cord-stops. If cord-stops are 1 to 2 inches below the headrail, no further adjustment is needed. Your blinds are ready to use


Step 3

If cord-stops ARE NOT 1 to 2 inches below headrail, loosen (but do not untie) the knot surrounding the cord-stop.


Step 4

Push the cord-stop and the loosened knot toward the headrail until the cord-stop is 1 to 2 inches below the headrail.


Step 5

Hold cord-stop in place and firmly pull cord to re-tighten knot.


Step 6

Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for each cord-stop.

Wood Blinds Guide

Critical Dimensions


Single Blind Minimum and Maximum Limitations

Corded - Same Side Lift Controls N/A N/A N/A N/A
Corded - Opposite Side Lift Controls 11-1/2" 96" 10" 120"
Corded - Opposite Side Lift Controls with Tapes 13-1/4" 96" 10" 120"
Center Tilt, No Lift Control 9" 11-3/8" 8" 120"
Center Tilt, No Lift Control with Tapes 9" 13-1/8" 8" 120"
No Tilt or Lift Control 7-1/4" 8-7/8" 8" 120"
No Tilt or Lift Control with Tapes 7-1/4" 8-7/8" 8" 120"
Cordless 12-1/2" 72" 10" 72"

See price grids for exact limitations.

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Item Descriptions Real Wood Drawing # Valance™ & Visions™ Drawing #
1 1" Real Wood Valance SX###012 n/a
2 2" and 2-1/2" Contemporary Valance SX###013 SG###112
3 2" and 2-1/2" Traditional Valance SX###014 SG###113
4 2" Classic™ Value Valance SX###016 L25P0108

Valances greater than 96" wide will be spliced.

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STACKING CHART - height includes headrail

BLIND HEIGHT 24" 36" 42" 48" 54" 60" 66" 72" 84" 96" 108" 120"
1" Slats 4-3/4" 6-1/4" 7-1/4" 8" 8-3/4" 9-1/2" 10-1/4" 11" 12-3/4" 14-1/2" 16" 17-1/2"
2" Slats 3-3/4" 4-1/2" 5" 5-1/2" 5-3/4" 6-1/4" 6-1/2" 6-3/4" 7-1/2" 8-1/4" 9" 10"
2-1/2" Slats 3-1/2" 4" 4-1/2" 4-3/4" 5" 5-1/4" 5-1/2" 6" 6-1/2" 7" 7-3/4" 8-1/4"

Stacking dimensions are approximate.

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2-1/2" Visions™ 2" Visions™
Aged White 120WH004
Coffee 125DT001 120DT001*
Cream 12567102 12067102*
Honey Pine 12567505 12067505
Lush Oak 12067500*
Mahogany 12067503
Pecan 12567501 12067501
Sand 125NU004 120NU004
Sandblasted Sand 12567403 12067403
Sandblasted Ultra White 12067108*
Sandblasted White 12567110 12067110
Summer Wheat 120NU003
Ultra White 12067109*
Walnut 12567504 12067504
White 12567101 12067101

*Available in Classic™ Value style package.

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A LEVOLOR exclusive for wood blinds designed to enhance your décor at no additional charge. Available on 2" and 2-1/2" blinds only.


May specify a valance greater than ordered headrail width. Maximum total valance width is 144". Valance greater than 96" will be spliced. Must be requested at time of order.


For installations requiring additional space between the blind and the mounting surface.


Hold-down brackets prevent blinds from swaying. They can be sill mounted, face mounted or mounted inside the frame. Recommended for French doors and in windows subject to wind exposure. Must be requested at time of order.


Maximum total valance width is 144". Valance greater than 96" will be spliced.

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Choice of control position is available. Tilter left, lift cord right is the standard position. You may choose to reverse the standard position. Grouped controls, both tilt and lift controls on the same side, available on Real Wood.


Available in place of cord tilt. Wand tilt standard for 1" Real Wood and Cordless blinds.


Traditional control not available on Cordless and 1" Real Wood blinds.

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Edge route design provides tighter closure to minimize light for increased privacy and security. Slats can easily be removed for cleaning. Not available on 1" blinds or blinds with decorative tapes.



The design of our Cordless control creates a clean profile across all of your windows and makes it easy to lift and lower your blinds without dangling cords. not available on 1" Real Wood or Classic™ Value.


Allows access to air conditioners, window cranks, etc. Side cutouts are available. A diagram may be required. Not available with cordless control.

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Provides the flexibility of raising one blind while keeping the other lowered. Two or more blinds on one headrail are available up to a total maximum width of 144". Innerspace is 1/2" between blinds. Horizontal slat alignment not guaranteed. If three blinds are chosen, middle blind will have cordless operation.


Accent your blinds and coordinate with your upholstery and textiles. Available in place of standard braided ladders. Blinds with cloth tapes will have traditional route holes. Not available with LightMaster™.


2-1/2" slat size—1-1/2" or 1/2" wide tape

2" slat size—1-1/2" or 1/2" wide tape

1" slat size—1/2" wide tape


2-1/2" slat size—1-1/2" wide tape

2" slat size—1-1/2" wide tape



Nantucket Stripe Mink 01237
White Scroll 01201
Modern Scroll Sand NU008
Modern Scroll Mink BR002
Floral Toffee BR003
Floral Whisper WH006
Braided Mink BR004
Mocha Leaf BR005

SOLID—1/2" & 1-1/2"

Snow 00110
Whisper 00140
Mink 00138
Suntan 00352
Harvest 00301
Sterling 70802
Mist GY003
Smoked Gray GY002
Blush WH005
Mustard 00162
Everglade 00504
Bordeaux 00755
Mocha 00378
Black 00890
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Note : All cornice measurements are taken on the inside (non-decorative) face as shown below.

inside mount installation

  • Inside Width
    Measure width of opening to the nearest 1/8". We recommend deducting 1/8" from width to ensure clearance.
  • Factory makes no deductions or additions to measurements.
Inside Mount (top view)

outside mount installation

  • Inside Width
    Measure width to be covered to the nearest 1/8". We recommend adding 1 " (3/4" clearance for each side) to cove r the widest dimension of any obstruction such as moldings, window treatments including hardware, or draperies. Specify return length.
  • Inside Return Length
    Measure length to be covered to the nearest 1/8". We recommend adding 3/4" for additional clearance to cover any obstruction such as moldings, window treatments including hardware, or draperies.
  • Factory makes no deductions or additions to measurements.
Outside Mount (top view)
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White White 1002908
Dover 1081019
Golden Oak 1002771
Chestnut 1002777
Sand N Beech 1002798
Hickory 1078097
Unfinished 10098
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A Standard 2-5/8" Slotted Bracket LEVOLOR 2" Wood blinds only
B Standard 4-1/2" Slotted Bracket Common Over Verticals
C Standard 6" Slotted Bracket Common Over Verticals
D Standard Any Length: Minimum 1-1/2"
Maximum 7-1/2"
Slotted Bracket Any
E N/A Any Length: Minimum 3-3/4"
Maximum 5-1/2"
Slotted Bracket Any
F N/A Any Length: Minimum 5-1/2"
Maximum 7-1/2"
Adjustable Long Bracket Any
G N/A 2-5/8" Clip-on LEVOLOR 2" blinds only


H Clip-on LEVOLOR 2" blinds only
I Slotted Bracket Any
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LEVOLOR® extends a limited lifetime warranty on the enclosed product to the original residential retail purchaser only if the product was properly installed and remains in the original window.

The product is covered against manufacturing defects (i. e., a flaw in the product design, materials or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function) and has a limited lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty extends for the life of the product as defined by category below:

Product From Date of Manufacture
Cellular Shades 10 years
Roman Shades 10 years
Roller Shades 10 years
Banded Shades 10 years
Natural Shades 10 years
Panel Track Shades 10 years
Real Wood Blinds 10 years
Faux Wood Blinds 10 years
Metal Blinds 10 years
Sheer Shadings 10 years
Shutters 25 years Limited Lifetime
Vertical Blinds 10 years (with the exception of vertical vinyl vanes)
Vertical Vinyl Vanes 3 years
Soft Vertical Blinds 10 years

Operating System From Date of Manufacture:

Motorization components (with the exception of the remote) 5 years


Normal wear and tear

Any product that fails due to:

  • abuse
  • accident
  • alterations
  • damage from pets/insects
  • exposure to salt air
  • extraordinary use
  • improper cleaning
  • improper handling
  • improper installation
  • improper operation
  • misapplication
  • misuse

Any product that, with the passage of time, exhibits:

  • loss of color intensity (including, but not limited to fabric, plastic parts, and wood finishes)
  • loss of pleating if product is not held in raised position a portion of the time
  • yellowing or cracking of plastic parts or faux wood product
  • creeping, sagging, or billowing of cordless product that is not properly raised and lowered daily

Natural material (including, but not limited to wood, grass, jute, reeds) products that have:

  • variation in color, grain, or texture
  • warping or cracking of wood slats in high-humidity and/or in high-heat areas

Costs associated with:

  • product removal
  • product remeasure
  • product reinstallation
  • transportation to and from the retailer
  • incidental or consequential damages
  • shipping
  • brand label removal

In the event there are multiple blinds/shades in the same room, only the defective blind/shade will be replaced.


If damage occurred during shipping, call 1-800-538-6567 and report within 14 calendar days of delivery or you may be denied credit for your damaged product.


For online product-specific trouble shooting information, refer to If you suspect this LEVOLOR® product has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship:

  1. 1. Locate the sales receipt (proof of purchase)
  2. 2. Call 1-800-538-6567

Any unauthorized returns will not be accepted.



If this LEVOLOR® product is found to have a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, we will (at our discretion) do one of the following:

  • repair the product
  • replace the product
  • refund the cost of the product

Colors vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match sample swatch or previous purchases

Discontinued items or color selections will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product


This limited lifetime warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state/province to province. Some states/provinces do not allow limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

No agent, representative, dealer, or unauthorized employee has the authority to increase or alter the obligation of this warranty. This limited lifetime warranty supersedes any previous versions.

Custom Visions™ Faux Wood Blinds is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 34.
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Expensive Junk! Decided to do some remodeling in our bedroom and purchased 2 sets of these blinds. Looked great on display.After installing these blinds, I needed to adjust the length. Upon doing this, it required removal of the bottom plugs. They were virtually impossible to remove without destroying the plugs and scratching the bottom rail terribly! Told Retailer about our problem and their solution was that we will send you new plugs. Took about three weeks to receive them:-( When I returned to the Store to complain about this problem was advised that they have had several complaints about this! Would have been better off just leaving our old ones up!!
Date published: 2017-04-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Levolor did the right thing and took care of me. Very satisfied with the new set of blinds sent to me! They fit excellent, and definitely outclass any blinds that you will find in the store in my opinion. They are sturdy, and function very well.
Date published: 2019-05-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I'm really glad I got these blinds! These blinds were very good quality for the price & they look real nice. I bought these for our back door in the dining room, it's 2 door window but only 1 door opens the other is just for looks, I gave a 4 star for overall & quality because of the Valance, it is attached to the blinds by 2 plastic pieces & it pops off it the door is closed too hard, not very good for boys in the house, it's popped off 2 times already & I'm just afraid in a matter of time it will break & the pieces that hold the bottom to the door so it doesn't swing is cheap plastic pieces & doesn't hold the blinds in place very well, I'm constantly reattaching again the the door opens or closes. Not good if you have children in the house.
Date published: 2016-03-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Glad I got these blinds! Ordered my blinds and when they came in three out of the four special order blinds were incorrect. Called customer service and Barb there helped me out and within 10 minutes had a new order placed and correct blinds coming! Received the new blinds within 8 days and put them up with minimal effort (other than lifting them in because they were tall windows) and they are perfect. Love the color choices, the additional options that we chose and the ease of installation along with the beautiful look and great customer service they were WELL worth the money !! I have had Levolor wood blinds before and have bought them again and will continue to buy Levolor brand window treatments (and I say this after having bought and used many other brands of higher end window treatments)!!
Date published: 2019-04-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great shades... perfect fit...! I measured my three small windows and the delivered shades fit like a glove. Easy to install and they are very elegant. I am very happy with their functionality... Perfect shades...!
Date published: 2018-06-22
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not the quality that I was expecting I ordered custom blinds from our home improvement store. Installed them today, and was disappointed that the slats are not attached to the blinds (they just sit on the strings and can be fully pulled out). Also, there are 8 (yes, 8!) cords to lift and lower the blinds. What the heck? Every other set of blinds that I've had only have 2 cords. It looks very odd. They did install well, and will do the job, but I like previous Levolor blinds that I've used a lot better.
Date published: 2019-03-20
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Double horizontal blind not aligned The Levelor Horizontal blind material is high quality; I am happy with that. However, I purchased "double blinds" that is two sections of blind on a single header because the website promised the two could be manufactured so each blind was at the same level between the two sections. Out of three sets of blinds ordered only one was aligned! As stated the material quality is good, but they fell down on this workmanship item that attracted me away from the big box stores.
Date published: 2016-03-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from So happy! I had an estimate from a retail Dept store for $3000 and that was a no go! I measured the openings myself as directed by Levelor's website. I received the blinds 2 weeks earlier than quoted which was a nice surprise. Installation was easier than I could have imagined. I had all 5 blinds up and looking good within 2 hours with ZERO problems. Blinds look great and I saved a bundle. THANK YOU LEVELOR!
Date published: 2016-03-18
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