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  1. Custom Solar Shades

    Custom Solar Shades

    Starting at:  $92.79
      • Block the sun, not the view. Solar fabrics provide UV protection, blocking heat and glare without obstructing your view. • Lighter solar fabrics reflect more heat and light, and provides a little less view during the day. Darker solar fabrics absorb heat, and provide greater view during the day. • Available in a range of transparencies including 1%, 3%, 5% with 10% available for black and white fabrics. • Adjust light and privacy with a simple click using our remote control.
  2. Trim+Go™ Solar Roller Shades

    Trim+Go™ Solar Roller Shades

    Starting at:  $37.97
      • Diffuse natural light without obstructing the outside view • UV protection helps protect furniture and flooring from fading • Fits windows 12 - 73 in. wide and up to 78 in. tall • Cordless design for improved safety in homes with children or pets • Sized to your exact width for free, same-day, exclusively at Lowe’s