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  1. Cellular Shades

    Cellular Shades

    Starting at:  $72.34
      • Superior insulation meets beautiful fabrics and colors for year-round comfort and style. • Our honeycomb design insulates your home while Double Cell and Energy Shield™ upgrades offer additional support. • Set your shades in motion and create custom schedules with the LEVOLOR® app. • Distinct collections of fabrics in over 200 soft and vibrant colors to enrich your home’s interior.
  2. Roller Shades

    Roller Shades

    Starting at:  $86.92
      • Less is more. Exceptionally versatile design easily adapts to any style of home, from traditional to modern. • Choose from a wide assortment of fabrics in over 100+ colors and textures. • Multiple light control options from light filtering to room darkening, to blockout. • Adjust light and privacy with a simple click using our remote control.
  3. Banded Shades

    Banded Shades

    Starting at:  $255.22
      • Modern look and function • Alternate bands of sheer and solid fabrics allow you to choose open. closed, or somewhere in-between for a striking view • Beautiful color palettes combine to create subtle or bold designs • Adjust light and privacy with a simple click using our remote control
  4. Sheer Shadings

    Sheer Shadings

    Starting at:  $266.27
      • The stylish look of a shade with the light control of a blind. • Select from 72 curated fabrics in 8 collections. • Available in light filtering or light dimming. • Four operating systems available including motorization.
  5. Solar Shades

    Solar Shades

    Starting at:  $86.92
      • Block the sun, not the view. Solar fabrics provide UV protection, blocking heat and glare without obstructing your view. • Lighter solar fabrics reflect more heat and light, and provides a little less view during the day. Darker solar fabrics absorb heat, and provide greater view during the day. • Available in a range of transparencies including 1%, 3%, 5% with 10% available for black and white fabrics. • Adjust light and privacy with a simple click using our remote control.
  6. Natural Shades

    Natural Shades

    Starting at:  $106.97
      • Textured fabrics are woven with natural elements such as jute, bamboo, reeds, and grasses • Filters or blocks light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere • Matching fabrics available in Panel Track collection to give you a coordinated look throughout your home • Available in 20 fabrics; fits windows 10"-144" wide and 12"-120" tall
  7. Roman Shades

    Roman Shades

    Starting at:  $182.95
      • Beautiful fabrics are available in designer colors, patterns, and textures • Filters or blocks light to create a soft and inviting atmosphere • Available in cascading flat or richly folded hobbled styles • Available in 54 fabrics; fits windows 17"-144" wide and 18"-120" tall