For Your Lifestyle

Custom blinds, shades, and shutters for any need

LEVOLOR offers versatile, high-quality window solutions that enhance your everyday at home.

Light Control

Light that's right for you

Each room needs different light control based on its unique purpose and exposure to sunlight. Explore recommended window treatments based on light control preference or type of room.

Energy Efficiency

Cellular Shades help insulate with style

LEVOLOR Cellular Shades combine form and function through beautiful fabrics with energy-efficient design

Good Option
Single honeycomb cell fabric
Soft honeycomb fabric insulates your windows from the cold and prevents heat transfer from the sun.
Traps air inside to insulate the home from drastic temperature changes.
Helps reduce heat transfer up to 72% for year-round comfort.

Larger Applications

Blinds and Shades for oversized windows

Spanning up to 12 feet tall and nearly 16 feet wide, our larger window treatments are offered in coordinating colors, textures, and patterns with our smaller window treatments to create a consistent look in the same room or open space.