Light control at your fingertips

Simplify your life with motorized window treatments.


Get Back to Life

Automate your window treatments to open and close automatically. Never fuss with manual controls again.

Complete Control

At the touch of a button

Combine the remote with the LEVOLOR app for easy control and scheduling functionality.

Custom Schedules

In Tune with Your Life

Use the LEVOLOR app to operate your window treatments with schedules that fit your daily routine.


Good morning, Sunshine

Wake Up Naturally

Welcome each day with gentle morning light by scheduling your window treatments to open before you finish dreaming.

Constant Comfort

Glare be Gone

Stop adjusting your window treatments all day long by letting the LEVOLOR app do all the work. Schedule your blinds and shades to adjust with the changing sun.

Family Time

Ease into the Evening

By creating schedules with the LEVOLOR app, your blinds and shades can automatically lower and close at night when it's time to focus on family.

Worry Free

Looks like someone's home

Even when you're away, your scheduled window treatments help it seem like you're home by opening during the day and closing during the night.