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Operation Controls

Corded lift system

Standard lift control that allows you to raise and lower your blinds and shades using cords accented by unique LEVOLOR® tassels.

Cordless lift system

Innovative lift control that allows you to smoothly raise or lower blinds by simply lifting or lowering the bottom bar. Offers a clean appearance and peace of mind for homes with children and pets.

Continuous cord loop

Helps you easily open or raise blinds and shades evenly to the height you want while maintaining the same cord length. The continuous cord loop control eliminates the need to lock or unlock the cord to raise and lower blinds or shades.

Pull type options

  • Tassels — Color-coordinated tassels let you raise and lower your shade without touching the fabric.
  • Handle — Transparent grip lets you raise and lower your blind or shade without touching the slats or fabric.
  • No pull type — Raise or lower your blinds or shades without tassels or handles.