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A Beautiful Way to Reduce Energy Costs

Looking for innovative new ways to cut your heating and cooling costs? Energy-efficient shades are a beautiful and practical solution. Simply swapping older window treatments for LEVOLOR® custom cellular shades with Energy Shield™ can result in big energy bill savings: up to 17% over the course of a year*.

LEVOLOR Cellular shades with Energy Shield™ provides year-round insulation and energy savings while adding beauty and softly filtered light to your home. To learn how Energy Shield™ works, it's important to understand the science behind heat transference. During the colder months, heat is lost from your home through both conduction and convection; in the summer, unwanted warmth is transferred into your home through a process called solar heat gain. Energy Shield™ works to fight all three.


Heat flows from warm to cool areas in a straightforward process called conduction. In the winter, this means that heated air in your home can seep out through windows, the roof and even through the walls themselves. During the summer, this process is reversed as hot outdoor air flows inside. Energy Shield™ works to fight conduction year round by adding an insulating layer right next to your window that blocks heat flow. This helps your rooms stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while reducing energy costs.

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When it's windy or stormy out, air drafts can be forced into your home, especially around windows. Stopping these drafts from entering your home will help you maintain a more comfortable inside temperature, and reduce the amount of work your heater will have to do. Shades with Energy Shield™ technology help battle convection by working as an insulated barrier to keep intruding cold air at bay.

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The sun's rays not only heat the exterior of your house, but also bring warmth right through your windows and into your home. This may be welcome in the winter, but during the summer solar heat gain can cause interior rooms to warm uncomfortably and force your air conditioner to work harder. Energy Shield™ shades effectively block the sun's heated rays, while allowing softly filtered light to naturally illuminate your rooms.