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Maintain Your Privacy

Windows provide a beautiful view of the outdoors, but they can also give others a clear line of sight into your home during the day and especially at night. That's why LEVOLOR window treatments are designed not only to manage light, but also to protect your privacy and enhance your home security. Whether you prefer blinds or shades, LEVOLOR offers a choice of beautifully designed privacy options that are perfect for you and your home.

Privacy Options for Shades

By design, shades are an easy way to cover windows and make your rooms feel more private. LEVOLOR® shade collections, including Cellular, Roman, Natural and Roller shades, take it a step further by offering innovative options to give you even more control.

Light Control Fabrics

LEVOLOR Roman Shades and Roller Shades are available in a choice of fabrics, allowing you to balance your privacy needs with your desire for natural light. If you want to gently filter natural light while blocking the view into rooms, choose a light filtering shade. For increased light blocking and added privacy in rooms such as bedrooms and media rooms, choose a room darkening shade. In addition, select LEVOLOR Roller Shades are available with Blockout fabric - it's a favorite for nurseries and other rooms where you want complete light control.

Privacy Liners

LEVOLOR Natural Shades are available in three liner configurations. Shades with no liners allow the maximum amount of light to pass through, making them perfect for living rooms, family rooms and more. For a little more privacy, add a light filtering liner to soften natural light, ideal for street-facing rooms. And for the ultimate in light blocking and privacy, choose a room darkening liner. It's a great choice for bedroom, nurseries, media rooms and more.

Lift Options

Many LEVOLOR shades don't just lift from the bottom - they can be lowered from the top as well. With our innovative Top Down/Bottom Up lift option, you can independently raise or lower your shade any way you want. If you want privacy as well as natural light in your room, you can lower the shade at the top of your window while leaving the bottom pulled down.

Privacy Options for Blinds

Blinds are a classic way to cover your windows and give your rooms an elegant, architectural look. LEVOLOR blind collections, including Real Wood, Faux Wood, Metal and Vinyl, are available with different options designed to give you the level of privacy you desire.


Standard blinds have route holes in each slat designed to hold the cords that raise and lower your blinds; however, these holes can allow light to pass through and even provide some visibility into your home. LEVOLOR LightMaster eliminates these holes, using an innovative edge routed ladder system instead. Available as an option on select wood and metal blinds, LightMaster solid slat construction eliminates peek-through points while providing a tight closure for added darkness and security.

Decorative Tape

Beautiful accents for your blinds, decorative tapes are designed to replace standard braided ladders and cover route holes, blocking light and preventing a peek-though view into your home. Cloth tapes are available for select blind styles and sizes, and come in a variety of colors and patterns to coordinate with your furniture upholstery and wall colors.