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How many brackets should I have received with my cellular shade?

The size of your cellular shad...

Tags: bracket cellular installation shade

Sep 10, 2015

How was the 17% Energy Shield™ estimated savings figure calculated?

The estimated savings on heati...

Tags: cellular energy savings shade

Sep 10, 2015

Why doesn't my natural shade match the sample I saw in the store?

A natural shade is made using...

Tags: general natural shade

Sep 10, 2015

What can I do if the color I was looking for is no longer available?

We recommend visiting levolor....

Tags: color swatches general natural shade

Sep 10, 2015

What colors are available for natural shade privacy liners?

Natural shade privacy liners a...

Tags: colors natural privacy shade

Sep 10, 2015

My roller shade is rolling up too quickly – how can I slow it down?

Try these steps to adjust the...

Tags: general roller shade tension

Sep 10, 2015

I’d like to order a new shade to fit my existing brackets – what’s the best way to measure?

Measure the barrel length of y...

Tags: measuring instructions roller shade

Sep 10, 2015

Why aren’t brackets included with my roller shade? Can I purchase them separately?

Brackets are not included with...

Tags: mounting brackets roller shade

Sep 10, 2015

The edges of my roller shade are starting to curl – can I fix this?

Occasionally, this may happen...

Tags: general roller shade troubleshooting

Sep 10, 2015

I’ve chosen a multi-color Roman shade – can I select the headrail color as well?

No, our design experts will se...

Tags: general headrail roman shade

Sep 10, 2015

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