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Why is my vertical blind rod hanging down outside of the rail and not allowing the support to move to center?

Inside the rail is a support c...

Sep 10, 2015

Can I get my vertical blind restrung?

Yes, this can be done by our r...

Sep 10, 2015

Can I mount my vertical blind using side mounting brackets?

No. Vertical blinds can be mou...

Sep 10, 2015

Can I order vertical blind vanes by vane length?

The standard way that vane len...

Sep 10, 2015

What’s the best way to clean my vertical blinds?

To clean fabric vanes, lightly...

Sep 10, 2015

My vertical blind vanes are not spaced evenly – can I correct this?

In order to accommodate the cu...

Sep 10, 2015

Why are my vertical blind vanes difficult to rotate?

Check to make sure that all of...

Sep 10, 2015

Why are my vertical blind vanes hanging unevenly?

Check the uneven vanes and ens...

Sep 10, 2015

Can the direction the tilt chain faces be changed on my vertical blind?

No, the tilt chain will only f...

Sep 10, 2015

How many brackets should I have received with my vertical blind?

The width of your vertical bli...

Sep 10, 2015

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