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What are the parts of a shutter called?

1. Louvers
2. Tilt Bar
3. Top and bottom rails
4. Divider rail (personal preference)
5. Frame

Louvers are the blades of the shutters, and come in sizes ranging from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches. The Tilt Bar can be on the front of the shutter (usually centered), or hidden in the rear if using the UltraClearview® hidden rear tilt system. Either way, it controls how you open and close the shutters. The Top and Bottom Rails outline the shutters and contain the louvers between them. The Divider Rail runs through the center of some shutters, depending on size. When there is a divider rail, the top and bottom louvers operate independently of each other, allowing for the top to be open and the bottom closed, for example. A divider rail is a personal preference and is not required unless the opening of your window is taller than 50 inches. The Frame surrounds the shutter and finishes off the decorative look of the window.