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LEVOLOR Cordless Wood Blinds Shortening Instructions


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The following are instructions to shorten LEVOLOR Stock cordless faux wood blinds.


Necessary Tools:

  • Scissors
  • Tweezers or Pliers

Step 1

Install and lower the blind fully.

Step 2

Remove the end caps in the bottom rail (if already installed).

Slide out the slat in the bottom rail, exposing the inside of the rail.

Step 3

Select the slat even with (or slightly below) the window sill; this will be the new bottom slat.

Below the bottom slat, cut all the horizontal connector cords (repeat for all horizontal connector cords below the new bottom slat)

NOTE: Be careful not to cut any vertical cords.

Step 4

Trim off all loop cord below the new bottom slat (repeat for all loop cords below the new bottom slat).

Step 5

Remove all excess slats below your new bottom slat.

Step 6

Depress the lift button and slowly raise the bottom rail until it is touching the new bottom slat.

Step 7

From the open bottom side of the bottom rail pull each of the ladder cords downward as far as they will go.

Cut the metal eyelets from the ladder cords.

Step 8

Double check the desired length of the blind before any further cutting; then, trim all ladder cords 4 in. below the bottom rail.

Step 9

Take the eyelets from the parts bag; working from inside the bottom rail, simultaneously thread both sides of the ladder cords through an eyelet (repeat for all ladder cords).

Step 10

Slide the eyelets as far inside the bottom rail as possible and crimp tightly with the pliers (repeat for all ladder cords); trim excess ladder cord 2 in. below the eyelets.

Step 11

Tie double knots below the eyelets for extra security.

Step 12

Making sure all cords are tucked into the bottom rail, slide the bottom slat back into the bottom rail.

Finally, install the end caps.


Now enjoy your PERFECTLY sized blinds from LEVOLOR!