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Riviera and Riviera One Metal Blinds

Starting at:  $36.96
• Versatile metal blinds are partially made from environmentally-friendly recycled aluminum and are available in a variety of colors and finishes
• Choose from narrow slats for a timeless mini blind look, or wider slats for a more contemporary look
• Select styles have SheerView option to filter light and reduce glare
• Available in 50 colors or finishes; fits windows 4-1/2"-142" wide and 6"-126" tall
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  • Metal Blinds - White

    Metal Blinds - White

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Quartz White

    Metal Blinds - Quartz White

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Polar Bear

    Metal Blinds - Polar Bear

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Cotton

    Metal Blinds - Cotton

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Vapor

    Metal Blinds - Vapor

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Brushed Aluminum

    Metal Blinds - Brushed Aluminum

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Satin Nickel

    Metal Blinds - Satin Nickel

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Golden Mist

    Metal Blinds - Golden Mist

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - White Cap

    Metal Blinds - White Cap

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Dover

    Metal Blinds - Dover

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Alabaster

    Metal Blinds - Alabaster

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Glazed Bisque

    Metal Blinds - Glazed Bisque

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Birch

    Metal Blinds - Birch

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Almond

    Metal Blinds - Almond

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Blush White

    Metal Blinds - Blush White

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Sandstone

    Metal Blinds - Sandstone

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Ivory

    Metal Blinds - Ivory

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Vanilla

    Metal Blinds - Vanilla

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Copperite

    Metal Blinds - Copperite

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Gingersnap

    Metal Blinds - Gingersnap

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Real Red

    Metal Blinds - Real Red

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Garnet Red

    Metal Blinds - Garnet Red

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Wood Violet

    Metal Blinds - Wood Violet

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Royal Navy

    Metal Blinds - Royal Navy

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Evening Shadows

    Metal Blinds - Evening Shadows

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - China Blue

    Metal Blinds - China Blue

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Cactus Sage

    Metal Blinds - Cactus Sage

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Sherwood Green

    Metal Blinds - Sherwood Green

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Ash Bronze

    Metal Blinds - Ash Bronze

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Claystone

    Metal Blinds - Claystone

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Canyonstone

    Metal Blinds - Canyonstone

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Beacon Brown

    Metal Blinds - Beacon Brown

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Earthstone

    Metal Blinds - Earthstone

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Rich Earth

    Metal Blinds - Rich Earth

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Greige

    Metal Blinds - Greige

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Sand

    Metal Blinds - Sand

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Mushroom

    Metal Blinds - Mushroom

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Galleria

    Metal Blinds - Galleria

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Malibu Sand

    Metal Blinds - Malibu Sand

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Brass

    Metal Blinds - Brass

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Mercury

    Metal Blinds - Mercury

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Squirrel Gray

    Metal Blinds - Squirrel Gray

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Pearl Gray

    Metal Blinds - Pearl Gray

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Cityscape

    Metal Blinds - Cityscape

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - U.N. Gray

    Metal Blinds - U.N. Gray

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Raw Umber

    Metal Blinds - Raw Umber

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Dark Bronze

    Metal Blinds - Dark Bronze

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Dark Bronze/Dover

    Metal Blinds - Dark Bronze/Dover

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Low Gloss Black

    Metal Blinds - Low Gloss Black

    1 Material

  • Metal Blinds - Black

    Metal Blinds - Black

    1 Material


  • Metal blinds for every type of window.
  • Standard Vogue™ valance provides a uniform appearance.
  • Available in 1/2", 1", 2" and specialty shapes.
  • LightMaster™ and SheerView options available on Riviera Classic 1" model.
  • Durable steel headrail components standard.
  • 8 gauge premium slats standard on 1/2" and 1"; industry leading 9 gauge standard on 2" slats.

Riviera™ One

  • The better 1" metal blind option.
  • Integrated valance provides a contemporary appearance.
  • LightMaster™ option available.
  • 6 gauge premium slats.

How to Measure

Measure For Inside Mounting

Measuring For Inside Mount Metal Blinds

Find Width

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between inside surfaces of window frame at the top, middle, and bottom, and use the narrowest width. Do not make any width deductions. For custom blinds, the factory will automatically make appropriate deductions; for Trim+Go blinds, a 1/2" deduction will be taken on the entire blind.

Find Height

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from inside surface at top of window to sill at the left, middle and right and use the longest height. If you prefer blind not to touch sill, deduct 1/4". If there is no sill, measure height to the point where the shade reaches.


Measure For Outside Mounting

Measuring For Outside Mount Metal Blinds

Find Width:

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" between the outermost points where the blind is to be placed. For optimal light control, this measurement should extend 3/4" beyond the window opening on each side (or 1 1/2" for the entire width).

Find Height

Measure exact distance to the nearest 1/8" from where top of the blind will be located to the top of sill. If there is no sill or if blind is to overlap window frame, measure to the point the shade reaches.

Allow Some Overlap
For outside mount applications allow the blind to overlap 1 1/2" to 3" on the sides, top and bottom of the window.

You must add the overlap to your measurement; LEVOLOR does not add width or height for overlap on Outside Mounted blinds.

Measure For Multiple Blinds per Headrail

Measuring for 2-on-1 and 3-on-1 Headrail

Measure overall width of the area to be covered.

Measure width of the area each blind is to cover. Measure and specify the left shade first, continuing to the right. Factory will allow a minimum of 1/2" between blinds for operating clearance.

The total width of all blinds must equal the total headrail width. If ordering a valance wider than the blind, a diagram is required.

To measure height, use standard inside or outside measuring procedures.

How to Install Custom Metal Blinds


Metal Blinds with Box-Style Brackets


Before you begin your installation:

Read all installation instructions!

  • Make sure that you have all tools and hardware needed for installation.
  • Check the installation surface (wall, ceiling, or window frame) to ensure that you have suitable fasteners and tools for the material.
  • Double check the headrail and blinds for proper width and length. If you are installing several sets of blinds, be sure to match them with the appropriate window.
  • Check the parts list shipped with the product to confirm that you have the correct number of brackets.

Tools You May Need (not included):

  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • 3/8" Wrench
  • Flat-blade or Philips Head Screwdriver
  • 1/4" Nutdriver
  • Drill with Bits
  • Drywall Anchors
  • Scissors or Utility Knife
  • Safety glasses
  • Ladder

Step 1

Mounting Brackets

There are different types of brackets used with box bracket installations. Bracket appearance may vary depending on size.

Preparing box brackets for installation:

  • Open the front of the bracket by pressing on the bottom of the bracket to release the locking tab while lifting the front gate.

Step 2

Optional extension brackets

If your blinds include optional extension brackets, temporarily assemble them to the mounting brackets at this time. You will need to use the extension brackets to determine mounting hole locations in Steps 3 and 4.

Refer to the included instructions for your style of extension brackets.


Step 3A

Mark the bracket locations - outside mount installation

  • Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail.
  • When using a single center support bracket, center it between the box brackets. For more than one center support bracket, space the support brackets evenly, not more than 30" apart. Making sure the brackets will not interfere with the cord mechanism or any other internal parts.
  • Mark the bracket mounting hole locations, making sure they are square and equally spaced. For outside-mount installations, use a spirit level to check for levelness.

Step 4A

Install the brackets - outside mount installation

Example: Installation in drywall using drywall anchors and included screws. Use two screws per bracket.


Step 3B

Mark the bracket locations - inside mount installation

  • Position the box brackets at each end of the headrail. Depending on the installation location, box brackets can be attached using the top, back, or the side holes.
  • When using a single center support bracket, center it between the box brackets. For more than one center support bracket, space the support brackets evenly, not more than 30" apart. Making sure the brackets will not interfere with the cord mechanism or any other internal parts.
  • Mark the location of the desired bracket mounting holes, making sure they are square and equally spaced.

Step 4B

Install the brackets - inside mount installation

Example: Installation in a wood window frame using the included screws. Use two screws per bracket. Depending on the installation location, box brackets can be attached using the top, back, or the side holes.


Step 5

Attach Valance

  • Attach the valance clips on the front of the headrail, one at each end. Space any remaining clips evenly.
  • Hook the valance into the clips

Step 6

Attaching the headrail to the mounting brackets

  • Align the headrail, tilt mechanism facing out, with the center support brackets and box brackets.
  • Being careful not to trap the top slat in the brackets, slide the headrail straight back until it is snug in the center support brackets.
  • If the headrail can slide from side to side in the box brackets, use a flat-head screwdriver to bend out the tabs on the ends of the headrail until it is snug.
  • Lower the front of each box bracket and press until the locking tab clicks into place.
  • For blinds using center support brackets with locking tabs, make sure the tab on the bracket is hooked under the lip on the headrail, then press the locking tab until it clicks into place.

Step 7

Attach the tilt wand

  • Remove the protective rubber cap from the tilt mechanism on the headrail.
  • Slide the wand sleeve onto the tilter stem and fit the flat end of the S-hook into the tilter stem.
  • Hook the end of the tilt wand onto the S-hook and pull down the sleeve on the tilt mechanism.
  • Rotate the tilt wand in each direction to ensure proper operation.

Step 8

Attach optional hold-down brackets (on some styles)


Type 1 - One-Piece Hold-Down Brackets

  • With the hold-down brackets attached to the bottom rail, lower the blinds to the hold-down bracket mounting surface and mark the bracket locations.
  • Attach the hold-down brackets at the bottom of the window with the included screws, as shown for your installation type.
  • To attach the bottom rail, gently pull the brackets out slightly and insert the pins into the holes on the bottom rail of the blinds.

Type 2 - Two-Piece Hold-Down Brackets

  • Clip the rounded end of the hold-down pins into the hole at each end of the bottom rail. The other end will hook into the hold-down brackets.
    NOTE: Some styles may have the hold-down pins built into the bottom rail.
  • With the hold-down brackets attached to the bottom rail, lower the blinds to the hold-down bracket mounting surface and mark the location of the bracket.
  • Attach the hold-down brackets at the bottom of the window with the included screws, as shown for your installation type.
  • Attach the bottom rail hold-down pins to the bracket.





LEVOLOR® extends a limited lifetime warranty on the enclosed product to the original residential retail purchaser only if the product was properly installed and remains in the original window.

The product is covered against manufacturing defects (i. e., a flaw in the product design, materials or workmanship that causes the product to no longer function) and has a limited lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty extends for the life of the product as defined by category below:

Product From Date of Manufacture
Cellular Shades 10 years
Roman Shades 10 years
Roller Shades 10 years
Banded Shades 10 years
Natural Shades 10 years
Panel Track Shades 10 years
Real Wood Blinds 10 years
Faux Wood Blinds 10 years
Metal Blinds 10 years
Sheer Shadings 10 years
Shutters 25 years Limited Lifetime
Vertical Blinds 10 years (with the exception of vertical vinyl vanes)
Vertical Vinyl Vanes 3 years
Soft Vertical Blinds 10 years

Operating System From Date of Manufacture:

Motorization components (with the exception of the remote) 5 years


Normal wear and tear

Any product that fails due to:

  • abuse
  • accident
  • alterations
  • damage from pets/insects
  • exposure to salt air
  • extraordinary use
  • improper cleaning
  • improper handling
  • improper installation
  • improper operation
  • misapplication
  • misuse

Any product that, with the passage of time, exhibits:

  • loss of color intensity (including, but not limited to fabric, plastic parts, and wood finishes)
  • loss of pleating if product is not held in raised position a portion of the time
  • yellowing or cracking of plastic parts or faux wood product
  • creeping, sagging, or billowing of cordless product that is not properly raised and lowered daily

Natural material (including, but not limited to wood, grass, jute, reeds) products that have:

  • variation in color, grain, or texture
  • warping or cracking of wood slats in high-humidity and/or in high-heat areas

Costs associated with:

  • product removal
  • product remeasure
  • product reinstallation
  • transportation to and from the retailer
  • incidental or consequential damages
  • shipping
  • brand label removal

In the event there are multiple blinds/shades in the same room, only the defective blind/shade will be replaced.


If damage occurred during shipping, call 1-800-538-6567 and report within 14 calendar days of delivery or you may be denied credit for your damaged product.


For online product-specific trouble shooting information, refer to If you suspect this LEVOLOR® product has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship:

  1. 1. Locate the sales receipt (proof of purchase)
  2. 2. Call 1-800-538-6567

Any unauthorized returns will not be accepted.



If this LEVOLOR® product is found to have a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, we will (at our discretion) do one of the following:

  • repair the product
  • replace the product
  • refund the cost of the product

Colors vary from lot to lot and may not exactly match sample swatch or previous purchases

Discontinued items or color selections will be replaced with the closest equivalent current product


This limited lifetime warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state/province to province. Some states/provinces do not allow limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

No agent, representative, dealer, or unauthorized employee has the authority to increase or alter the obligation of this warranty. This limited lifetime warranty supersedes any previous versions.

Riviera and Riviera One Metal Blinds is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 29.
Rated 3 out of 5 by from As expected - not packaged well Ordering online direct from Levelor was easy. The aluminum blinds fit perfect and color is consistent and an accurate match with online swatches however not well packaged resulting in several small nicks which are visible on colored shades. Installation of brackets (top mount) was simple and quick however getting shades in brackets was difficult, adding some more nicks and scratches- instructions aren't great. We are long time users of Levelor blinds - the quality is good but the blades are much thinner and flimsier then older models. Overall, they look great and function very smoothly and I would continue to use in my home and recommend over other brands.
Date published: 2017-05-24
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Some Assembly Required After I had installed the blinds on the window, I tried to raise them but the raised in a cockeyed manner. Taking them down again I found the anchor strings to the blind's pulleys improperly installed. I untangled the mess, and reinstalled. The blinds then worked perfectly.
Date published: 2016-03-10
Rated 3 out of 5 by from they have their ups and downs The blinds are fine. They look like the ones that i had. The 3 issues that i have are #1 -- I have a 75 inch window frame, they came 75, but when installed they are off a 1/4 inch to one side. #2 The valance is supposed to wrap around. Cant figure that one out. How do they attach to the sides? #3 The cords are separate for each string running thru the shade. When you pull the cord, you have to pull all four carefully or the shade lifts funny or not at all. I'm torn, prolly won't order the other 3.
Date published: 2019-06-22
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Levolor blinds are consistently the best If buying blinds, the only worthwhile is levolor. They work without malfunction forever. They've changed the hanging hardware though. The old ones were so much easier to hang
Date published: 2017-08-08
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I like Levolor Had bought four Riviera 1" blinds 4-5 years ago and they have the two box like attachment devices that are placed on the inside of the frame and after snapping the blind in place, I would close a little door. It came with two slats that covered the top. What I recently bought was different and attached easily into two devices hanging from the top of the frame and came with no slate for across the top. Did you change your design or had I ordered something different before.
Date published: 2016-12-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful Window Coverings The Levolor Riveria blinds we purchased are attractive and function beautifully. They provided the privacy we needed and added to the appearance of our home. Picking the ideal color was quite easy with the Levolor free samples provided. We installed all 5 blinds in about 45 minutes, and the Levolor feature matching the opening and closing of blinds across connecting windows is ideal.
Date published: 2016-08-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Easy online ordering My 91 year old mom had a shade from 20 years ago and the tilt mechanism broke. She didn't want to bother with trying to fix the internal parts and for $65 I ordered her a new one based on the information sticker from the old one. Not only did it arrive 12 days early it looks exactly like the other one. She's very HAPPY!
Date published: 2016-08-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect for my needs. I ordered the 1/2 inch, custom fit/custom color metal blinds for 2 bathrooms. Both fit nicely and look great. I particularly liked to option to place the adjustment wand and cord on the sides I preferred. I was fortunate enough to get them for a great price during one of their big sales.
Date published: 2016-03-18
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