LEVOLOR, Inc. ("LEVOLOR") is dedicated to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner. We are also committed to preventing any occurrence of slavery and human trafficking from our supply chain. Our business policies and supplier standards prohibit labor practices that are inhumane or which endanger the health and safety of our workforce. We will not do business with individuals or companies that engage in forced labor, unlawful child labor and/or human trafficking. Accordingly, it is our expectation that the manufacturers and suppliers with whom we do business will share our commitment to fair and safe labor practices and conduct themselves in a lawful and ethical manner.

Consistent with this commitment, our business policies and supplier standards prohibit the use of unlawful child labor and forced or involuntary labor of any kind. Additionally, we expect our suppliers to represent and certify upon our request that all labor and/or materials used in connection with the provision of any products provided to us were "employed and/or produced in compliance with applicable laws forbidding slavery and human trafficking".

In order to ensure compliance with these obligations upon behalf of our suppliers, LEVOLOR is committed to carefully evaluating its suppliers and developing procedures to ensure compliance with LEVOLOR's business policies and supplier standards. As part of this process, we reserve the right to conduct periodic, announced and unannounced assessments of our suppliers designed to verify their compliance with our business policies and supplier standards. These assessments may be conducted by LEVOLOR or a third-party contractor on behalf of LEVOLOR, as determined by LEVOLOR in its sole discretion. Employees tasked with supplier compliance as well as other employees with direct responsibility for supply chain management are expected to report to the Legal Department or the Vice President of Operations any potential unlawful or unethical conduct within the supply chain.