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The original home makeover show that started it all, This Old House, has done it again with a stunning modernization of a classic New England home. From top to bottom, this family home oozes charm with unique design, stunning views, and the perfect mix of old and new. This Old House is known for quality craftsmanship, innovative style, and enduring quality so it only makes sense that this show-stopping home included bathroom, bedroom, office, and family room window treatments from Levolor to enhance their views and perfect their décor. Watch the episode and get inspired with a look behind the scenes and get all the details on how everything old becomes new again with this magnificent home renovation.

Cellular Shades

Solar Shades: for your viewing pleasure

Set on numerous acres that feature farmlands, ponds, old growth trees and nature at its best, Concord, Massachusetts homeowners Megan and Lincoln were adamant that the home’s views be preserved. This meant quite a bit of architectural maneuvering and the perfect placement of windows to maximize those views.

The first view featured is from Megan’s office. With floor to ceiling windows, she gets an abundance of natural light and sweeping vistas. However, computer glare was an issue for her. To solve the glare issue and to keep the views she loves, Megan chose Solar Shades.These sleek tightly woven panels have a unique feature in the options for their level of openness.

This openness factor determines how much of the sun’s rays are blocked while maintaining the view.Here's a quick rule to thumb: the lower the Solar Shade’s opennessvalue, more light will be blocked.This also means the view will be more veiled. In general, Levolor customers tend to choose between 3% -10% openness. For her home, Megan chose 12% openness to give her the light blocking she needed but still maintained her stunning office view.

Cellular Shades

The main living room, which the family calls “The Treehouse”, also features gorgeous light and views. Since the family is less concerned about privacy, they chose the same openness for their Solar Shades which block enough light and glare for watching TV but allow their backyard views to still be the backdrop of the room. It’s not unusual to see homeowners choosing the same product for multiple rooms in their home. Solar Shades are perfect for home offices, living rooms, kitchens and lofts or basements that receive a lot of light. Choosing the same treatments from room to room also connects your decor giving your entire home a harmonious look. And as a bonus, it makes ordering easier too.

Natural Shades: finding more harmony

The homeowners also aimed for a cohesive look in their master bedroom and bath by selecting the same Natural Shade color and pattern but different supporting liners to achieve the appropriate level of privacy and light control for each room. This is another example of how window treatments can seamlessly blend with any décor style while making just the right amount of impact in the room.

Roman Shades

In the homeowner’s bedroom, these Natural Shades make a nice contrast to the vibrant colors of the room’s other décor elements. And because they have a room-darkening liner, maximum privacy and light control is achieved.

Good to know: Our natural shades come with no liner, light filtering liner, or room darkening liner. Liners mask the fabric and view from the street. Light filtering softens light while room darkening minimizes light and maximizes privacy. There is also the option to add an edge binding in an array of contrasting or complimenting colors that can add a more finished look to your décor.

Cellular Shades

Overall, Natural Shades are a go-to favorite for many customers as they add a textural element that is often missing from the softer furnishings of a typical bedroom, kitchen, or study. Made from natural fibers, reeds, bamboo or other natural materials, the shifting nature of the patterns makes them unique.

It’s not surprising that these homeowners chose the same Natural Shades for their adjoining bathroom. While the soaking tub is the centerpiece, the Natural Shade above it completes the dramatic yet serene statement. Because natural light was important in this room, the homeowners chose for these shades with no liner to allow in as much light as possible even when the shades are lowered.

Home must-have: blind and shade motorization

Another key trend in home makeovers is the option to add motorization to your blinds and shades. Remote control or app-based options offer flexibility and seamless operation. Also, for homes with children and pets, motorization removes the need for cords and decreases safety concerns. Look for products with the Best For Kids Seal. This is an easy way for you to shop knowing that your choice is certified kid-safe.

Cellular Shades

Shop these behind-the-scenes styles

If, like us, you’re inspired by the beauty of what these homeowners accomplished, here’s a handy shopping list that includes the products, styles, and specifications for the Solar Shades and Natural Shades highlighted in this episode.

Behind-the-scenes shopping list:

Make your Old House feel new again

Regardless of the size of the age of your home, your personal style, or your specific light and privacy needs, there are window treatments to fit any-size project. Use the shopping list above or visit our explore page to discover more window treatment options and order free swatches that can help you find the perfect blind, shade or shutter for your home.

All Photos by [Jared Kuzia/This Old House]

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