Four Tips for Using Swatches to Select Window Treatments

When it comes to researching the wide variety of custom design styles available for your blinds, shades, and shutters, swatches give you confidence to make the best design decision for your home. Swatches enable you to compare and contrast colors, textures, and finishes. Ready to play This or That with your swatches? Let’s get started!

Swatches Blinds and Shades Details

Tip No. 1: Test Light Control and Color Throughout the Day

From sunrise to sunset, the appearance of color naturally changes. As the day progresses, any form of light — natural light from your window, bright white light from a lamp, or a warm glow from a candle — can enhance or diminish the colors inside your home, the surfaces the light touches, and a room’s functionality.

To see how natural light will shine through or be blocked by your window treatment, try holding your swatches up to the window in question. Consider taping the swatches to your window, just as you would test paint colors by painting side-by-side color blocks on a wall.

This comparison will give you a sense of how the material will appear morning, noon, and night, when natural light transitions from warm orange-yellow to cool white, and to a deep yellow glow at dusk.

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Even the most vibrant color can appear muted in the dark. So, along with your personal preferences — for example, keeping your blinds closed, open, or partly extended most of the time — it’s important to consider which fabric color or finish will match your home and lifestyle

If you find that your color tone is slightly off, use our digital swatch showroom to find fabrics in a similar color family, alternative category, or a different light control. If you have the swatch in light filtering, reorder it in room darkening or vice versa. Ordering the alternate light control will help you assess how shades will moderate sunlight in your home and how the shade fabric color appears with sunlight illuminating it from behind.

Tip No. 2: Consider the Look from the Outside-In

In addition to seeing how the swatches look inside your home, tape them to your window and view from the outside-in. Exterior viewing will help you see how the back of the fabric or finish affects your home's curb appeal. Natural shades can have light-control liners added for purchase, but are not available with swatches. To view Natural Shades with liners, visit a retailer near you.

Tip No. 3: Test Swatches Against Your Existing Decor

Use swatches to test how the color, finish, or texture complement your style. Whether you’re going for a tonal palette, looking to add soothing, nature-inspired color, or wanting your window treatments to create a bold pop, lay the swatches against your wall paint, flooring, upholstery, area rug, and other furnishings in your home. Doing so will show how the colors live together and give you a glimpse of how your future window treatments could balance your room’s overall design.

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With so many colors, patterns, and texture options available, LEVOLOR swatches give you a chance to test and play to see which combination resonates with you. For instance, dark color window treatments like Espresso, Rich Earth, and Pecan make your room feel more intimate and relaxing, while bright color swatches like Summer Sky, Whisper, and Sandblasted White can make the space feel exciting and open.

Tip No. 4: Use Our Window Covering Configurator to See the Big Picture

Once you feel you are close to a decision, build a customized window by using our product configurator, a digital visualization tool that gives you the confidence you made the right decision.

Give Swatches New Life With These Fun Projects

There are a variety of eco-friendly ways to repurpose your fabric swatches once you’ve ordered your window treatments. Instead of throwing them away, consider these fun crafts:

Whether you’re designing a mood board or experimenting with different colors, patterns, and textures, samples give you a visual direction to help you choose window treatment fabrics and finishes that you will love forever. Order up to 10 free swatches today.

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