Cellular Shades: The Ultimate Versatility in Design and Function

If you’re looking for window shades that deliver versatile solutions in design and function, cellular shades are a great choice for you. LEVOLOR Cellular Shades perform on multiple levels by providing your home with beautiful style choices, energy efficiency, cordless and motorized operations, and various options in light control and privacy.

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Why are they called cellular shades?

Cellular shades get their name from their honeycomb-shaped design, which flexes like an accordion to lower and raise the shades. Leovlor Cellular Shades are available in single and double cell construction, with the latter offering greater insulation.

The beauty is in the design

With more than 200 soft and vibrant fabrics to choose from, LEVOLOR Cellular Shades allow you to create the look that’s right for your home. Choose from neutral colors as a base to complement your room decor or go with a saturated fabric color to transform your windows into a bolder element in the room. Our premium woven fabrics also help elevate the decor of your home by adding a layer of texture. No matter the material, the soft appearance of cellular shades acts as an ideal alternative to draperies for making rooms look as cozy as they feel.

Energy efficiency

Cellular shades can play a key role in improving the energy efficiency of your home by providing year-round insulation. Like a puffy jacket for your windows, they create an air barrier between the window and the room. In the winter, they keep interiors warm by preventing the cold outside air from transferring into the room. In the summer, they help interiors remain cool by trapping heat transferred through the window. For areas with extreme temperatures, double cell fabrics provide greater energy performance. You can also upgrade single cell fabrics with Energy Shield™, a thin, clear coating on the inside of the cells that boosts the shade’s insulative properties.

Cordless options

LEVOLOR Cellular Shades in cordless are certified Best for Kids™ by the Window Covering Safety Council, which means these products have passed stringent, third-party testing. For families with children and pets, cordless shades are a wise choice since there are no cords dangling by the side to cause household accidents. Cellular shades make cordless operation easy with two lift styles:

You can also achieve maximum light control with cordless day/night cellular shades that combine Light Filtering and Room Darkening fabrics.

Motorized cellular shades

Using the LEVOLOR app, schedule the operation of your shades and personalize it with the way you live in each room. You’ll never need to manually adjust your window shades again by creating automated schedules including:

  • Wake — Raise the shade from the bottom up or lower it by pulling down.
  • Midday — Raise the shade from the bottom or lower it from the top to control light and create privacy, while maintaining a view.
  • Relax — Set your shades to lower for privacy as your home lights up in the evening.
  • Away — Use schedules to make it look like you’re home even when you’re gone on vacation.

Light control and privacy options

Filter the light, darken the room, or do both simultaneously with LEVOLOR Cellular Shades.

Ready to get started? Order up to 10 free swatches to create your new look.

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