Best Window Treatments for 2022 Design and Color Trends

Get tips for selecting window treatments that reflect this year’s nature-inspired decor.

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The new year offers a chance to reset, reorder, and reimagine our lives. Since our homes are where we spend the most time, refreshing a room or renovating a space can be just the thing we need to reframe the way we live.

Whether you are planning a room refresh or have just moved into a new home, LEVOLOR has advice on how to select the perfect window treatments to complement color and interior design styles resonating in 2022.

Customizing Window Treatments With 2022 Trending Colors

In 2022, Color Trends prominently feature hues inspired by nature, including gray-greens, earthy browns, and muted blues. All of these colors tap into feelings of tranquility, comfort, and rebirth — emotions likely tied to more time spent in our homes as the world navigated the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shades of green are abundant in the natural world, so it’s not surprising that green is sometimes called nature’s neutral color. And with gray undertones, greens can be easily infused into your home decor as a neutral backdrop.

If you’re in love with nature’s color palette, consider the following shade fabric options:

Cellular Shades Moss

Cellular Shades in Moss: Like its namesake, Moss fabric combines light green, gray, and taupe for a subtle touch of color to your decor.

Cellular Shades Sage

Cellular Shades in Sage: For a brighter color pop, try Sage fabric, which brings more green and yellow to the mix and adds visual energy to the room.

Natural Shades Blue Jay

Natural Shades in Blue Jay: This natural-fiber woven fabric combines dusty greens, sea-glass blue, and hints of terracotta to add a layer of depth and texture that takes natural shades to the next level.

Roman Shades Seaglass

Roman Shades in Seaglass: A light-green-gray heathered fabric provides a soft backdrop that’s timeless and relaxed.

Roller Shades Surf

Roller Shades in Surf: Inspired by rippling water, this calming pattern combines a variety of blues to add a whimsical element to any design..

Order free swatches in shades of green and blue, and begin planning your nature-inspired interior refresh today.

2022 Interior Design Trends and Window Treatments

Closely connected to this year’s color trends, 2022 interior design trends also draw inspiration from the natural world. Round, organic shapes — from upholstered furniture and tables to mirrors and accent pieces — reflect a desire for more relaxed interior environments. Additionally, taking a less-is-more approach to decorating taps into a desire for simplicity. And since working from home seems to be largely here to stay, many people are transitioning their improvised home workspace into a permanent home office.

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Customizing LEVOLOR window treatments will give you just the look you want for your refresh or renovation this year. Here are some tips for using window treatments to connect with 2022 interior design trends:

Whether you have a big project planned or just want to make a small change, find the right customized LEVOLOR window treatments for your needs. Get started by ordering free swatches today!

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