Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas for 2022

Cellular Motorized

As you’re getting inspired to shop for your window treatments a good place to start is to prioritize your needs. Are you looking for ways to stop that streetlight shining in your bedroom window? Maybe you need a little extra privacy from nearby neighbors, or you need a little morning light to keep you from oversleeping as you spring forward with Daylight Savings Time? Whatever light or privacy needs you have, you don’t need to forgo style. There are many stylish bedroom window treatments that can meet all your needs.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas for Light, Privacy, and Style

Blocking light is key when it comes to good sleep– for those that work night shifts to kids that need a darkened room for naptime. Others like the idea of waking up with the filtered light of the sun or letting in ambient light in the evenings. No matter your needs or your goal, you don’t need to be limited with curtains as the only option for your bedroom window treatments. See how blinds, shades and other products can maintain the perfect amount of light for your bedroom day and night.

Cellular Shades

Your need: Complete darkening for your bedroom windows. Perfect for night shift workers, children’s nap time or those that are extremely sensitive to light (or if you have nosey neighbors).

Your Goal: Block out light and ensure your privacy day or night.

Your Best Choices: Our fan-favorite, Cellular Shades, with the Day/Night function can give your bedroom the light blackout you need at night and light control during the day. Fabric Roller Shades especially in darker colors or Panel Track Blinds for large windows or glass doors are also ideal for maximum light blockage and privacy. Unlike curtains and draperies that are hard to adjust or gap and let in light, these products offer greater position control so you can easily adjust them to get the blackout-effect you want.

Why You'll love these:

Cellular Shades: Day/Night light control and endless styles and colors.

Fabric Roller Shades: Bedroom blackout with 100’s of styles and colors.

Panel Track Blinds: Blackout large bedroom windows with patterns, fabrics, or natural fiber finishes.

Roman Shades

Your need: Control the amount of light in the bedroom or reduce glare. Ideal for daily use and those with more traditional sleep schedules.

Your Goal: Controlled lighting and privacy when you need it.

Your Best Choices: Faux Wood Blinds, Roman Shades, Banded Shades or Cellular Shades. While these options have different ways of providing superior light and privacy control, they have the added flexibility of some light penetration. Plus, with a Top-Down/Bottom-Up lift control option for many of these products, you get even more control over light and privacy with the ability to adjust your bedroom window treatments to the perfect position.

Why You'll love these:

Faux Wood Blinds: premium privacy slats eliminate route holes for a greater light reduction and rich finish options.

Roman Shades*: uniform light control with a tailored look that can blend perfectly or make a statement in your decor.

Banded Shades: perform like a blind and a shade in one with dual-function light filtering or room darkening features plus they offer a striking look.

Cellular Shades*: almost limitless options, energy-efficient in any season with sleek styling.

*Styles are available with Top-Down/Bottom-Up lift control.

Cellular Shades

Your need: More light and light diffusion to create a beautiful glow in your bedroom. Ideal for those with fewer privacy concerns or less light challenges like streetlights or city lights.

Your Goal: Light dimming and filtering during the day and the evening.

Your Best Choices: Sheer Shades have a unique construction that allows them to fold over on themselves to provide a dual function: diffuse the light in the room or dim the light when you need more darkness.

Why You'll love these:

Elegant featherweight fabrics diffuse light and elevate any room’s decor.

Choosing from your Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

Choose the mounting style for your bedroom windows

Inside Mount

Outside Mount

Why Depth Matters Flush Why Depth Matters Protruding

Depending on your window construction and the look you prefer for your bedroom window treatments, they can be mounted on the inside or outside of the window’s casing.

Quick rule to thumb: Window treatments mounted on the inside of the window casement offer a more streamlined look while outside mounted window treatments will give more focus and attention to your blinds or shades.

Why just limit your search to kids bedroom curtains? You have options.

While nursery curtains can block some light, they don’t give you the flexibility for light control that blinds and shades can. Plus, unlike most kids blackout curtains, with blinds and shades, you don’t have to worry about them being within reach for little climbers. Safety-minded parents often choose cordless lift styles and motorization options to keep kids safe as they slumber. If you're looking for blackout shades for baby’s room, any of the room darkening blinds and shades listed above, especially Cellular Shades with the Day/Night, can make getting your baby into a sleep schedule easier. And you’ll never have to skimp on style with hundreds of fabrics, products, and materials to choose from.

You’ll also sleep well knowing that all of our products with certain options carry the Best For Kids seal. Look for this seal as you shop to help everyone rest easier.

So when you’re thinking about light control and privacy when it comes to your bedroom window treatments, you’ve got a lot of options. But no matter what you choose, we’re here to help you with questions, offer advice and help you find the perfect match with free swatches. Order them online now.

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