3 Tips on How to Choose Window Treatments

Getting started can sometimes be tough and feel overwhelming, especially when selecting window treatments. That’s why we’ve put together our top 3 tips for helping you choose the blinds, shades and shutters that work best for you. And it all begins with the very windows themselves.

Thinking about the windows in your home is a smart way to narrow down your choices in window treatments. Their sizes and quantities tie directly to the amount of sunlight you receive, transferred temperature you feel, and level of privacy you experience.

Tip #1: Assessing the Sunlight You Receive

If you have large windows with direct sunlight, then the room will be flooded with light. Of course that can be incredibly desirable, especially for tropical plants and basking in the sun like a cat, but direct sunlight is not ideal when creating a glare on the TV during an afternoon football game or computer monitor when working from home. Those UV rays also prove to be problematic in fading precious art and furniture. Solar shades provide protection from UV rays and glare without obstructing your view, offering an ideal balance of comfort and design.

The size of windows also determines which window treatments work best in terms of design. Are you redoing a living space with large windows or patio doors? You might want to invest in modern panel track shades or more traditional soft vertical blinds. If your windows have shallow frames and sills, sleek and slender metal blinds or one-inch real wood blinds might be a perfect solution. Consider sprucing up French doors with our durable shutters, which can be specially fitted without obstructing the door handles.

On the flip side, some rooms have smaller or fewer windows or receive less direct sunlight. In that situation, you might not want to completely block that precious sunlight unless it’s a bedroom. Shades with Light Filtering or Light Dimming control will still provide privacy but also allow more light into the room. And of course those shades can always be pulled up when privacy is not a concern and you want to enjoy the direct view.

Tip #2: Considering Energy Efficiency and Room Temperature

Once again, that beautiful sunlight a room receives can also be problematic - specifically by affecting the room temperature and compromising the energy efficiency of your home. Naturally the more light entering a room, the more heated that room will become. This in turn requires additional air conditioning to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which means higher energy bills. On those cold wintery days, the more windows you have the more cold outside temperature can transfer through the glass, making the inside colder. This then requires cranking up the heat, which of course increases energy consumption.

If your home has older or drafty windows often caused by thinner glass, investing in energy-efficient cellular shades is a smart choice. Thanks to their honeycomb-shaped pockets designed to trap hot and cold air, cellular shades provide superior insulation that helps with combating temperature transfer through glass, maintaining a comfortable room temperature, and contributing to efficient energy consumption. Plus they come in fashionable colors and textures which always makes decorating more fun.

Tip #3: Determining Your Privacy Needs

Views - what a glorious thing, especially with windows overlooking a scenic mountain range, tranquil landscaping, or stunning cityscape. But in reality, sometimes views compromise our privacy, especially if neighbors live in closer proximity to windows that face your bedrooms or bathrooms.

We make it easy to factor in your privacy needs through a variety of products, light control options, and lift styles. For instance, roman shades in the bedroom add a soft, sophisticated look while also providing superior room darkening light control, which is crucial to a good night’s sleep.

Choosing a top-down/bottom-up lift style for shades allows them to be lowered from the top as well as raised from the bottom to infuse rooms with natural light while maintaining privacy. If you’re drawn to the timeless look of wood blinds, our no-hole routing option eliminates route holes, which blocks even more light and enhances privacy.

Larger windows with incredible daytime views can be easily covered with sleek panel track shades or minimalist roller shades to provide comfort and privacy during the night. Both of these window solutions are available in blockout, which is the ultimate light control option. In addition, both shades contribute to the room’s overall mood and style, making nighttime at home a more enjoyable experience.

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