Blinds vs. Shades vs. Shutters
Choosing window treatments for your home comes down to your personal style preferences; however, blinds, shades, and shutters also bring distinct functional differences that you should consider.
Single Function
Shades filter or block light
Shades provide various levels of light control and privacy depending on the fabric and opacity you choose.
Choose from fabrics with Light Filtering, Room Darkening, or Blockout opacity.


Blinds consist of slats and vanes that can be tilted for desired light control and privacy. They can also be raised and lowered or swept to the side (vertical blinds) for an unobstructed view out the window. LEVOLOR Real Wood and Faux Wood Blinds offer a timeless look with durable design built to last.


  • blind Ideal for larger windows and patio doors
  • blind Available in both horizontal and vertical applications
  • blind Highly durable and moisture-resistant
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Shades are made with fabric or woven natural materials that come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing you to express your unique style with bold statements or subtle sophistication.


  • shades Option to combine Light Filtering and Room Darkening into a single shade
  • shades Choose fabrics in Light Filtering, Room Darkening, and Blockout
  • shades Customize to match your style with colors, textures, and patterns
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Shutters have tiltable louvers mounted in a hinged frame that can be installed in windows as well as patio doors and French door to create a finished look. Offered in neutral colors and popular louver sizes, LEVOLOR Shutters are a classic and versatile window treatment suitable for multiple styles.


  • Shutters Low maintenance and durable, ensuring years of performance
  • Shutters Water resistant, anti-microbial, and fungal resistant
  • Shutters No cords - ideal for homes with children or pets
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