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5 Ways to Decorate With Nature

As we find ourselves spending more time indoors, a growing design trend of bringing nature inside taps into our need to reconnect with nature.

Brian Patrick Flynn, the interior designer who transformed a Minneapolis home for The HGTV Urban Oasis® Giveaway 2019, incorporated nature into the design as a central tenant of hygge (hoo-guh), the Scandinavian design aesthetic intended to promote comfort and wellness.

Using these five tips, you too can bring nature indoors as part of your next design makeover.

Use natural materials

Flynn decorated with natural materials including natural fiber window shades, knitted wool blankets — used both as wall hangings and throw blankets — wooden furniture, and stone tile on the floors and walls.

For the guest bedroom, Flynn used LEVOLOR Custom Natural Shades, made of woven bamboo fibers in an Espresso finish, to provide a soft contrast to the bold black paint used on the walls and ceiling.

Shape sunlight

Hygge originated in Denmark, which has long, dark winters, so bringing in natural light is essential. While sun exposure provides a nice mood boost, no one wants to be blasted with sunshine all day. With large windows throughout the house, designers used LEVOLOR shades to shape the light for comfortable and relaxing interiors.

For the HGTV Urban Oasis 2019 home, LEVOLOR Light-Filtering Black Cellular Shades were installed to diffuse sunlight and bring a comfortable balance to the living room.

Focus artwork on nature scenes and animals

Nature views reduce stress, even if they are only representations of nature, according to academic studies. Much of the art and accent pieces in the home have an explicit connection to the outdoors, from large photos of red summer cabins set against Norwegian fjords and long-maned Icelandic horses to a sun-shaped wall clock and knit artwork depicting bears and foxes in the forest.

The Nordic landscapes extend outside with a mountain mural painted on the back wall of the detached garage and serve as a backdrop for the outside dining space.

Add houseplants

Plants reduce stress, improve focus and clean the air. From small tabletop plants to larger ferns, the plants in The HGTV Urban Oasis 2019 mimic the view of trees through the windows. And they add a splash of green.

Paint with colors evocative of nature

Using nature-inspired colors as neutrals is trending in 2020, and Flynn brought nature inside in a big way by using a sky blue palette in the master bedroom and guest bathroom. Blues and other colors, including shades of green and brown, can easily be used as neutrals because our eyes are used to seeing them as the backdrop in outdoor spaces.

So if green’s your thing or you love the look of a slate gray sky, explore LEVOLOR’s swatch library and order up to 10 free fabric swatches to see which nature-inspired neutral is the perfect match for your home.

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