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Product: cellular shades (27 results)

  1. How do I install a friction shim/clip for my cordless shade?
    A friction shim/clip should only be installed in a shade that needs additional friction or if the blind is rising up from the bottom. To install the friction shim/clip, please see instructions below: Installing friction shim/clip Lift blind to...
  2. How do I adjust my blinds that are creeping or sagging?
    Creeping up from the Bottom: To correct this problem, look inside the headrail of your shade to check for a factory installed friction shim/clip.  Contact customer service to obtain a friction shim/clip.  Instructions for installing the...
  3. My cellular shade does not operate smoothly.
    If your blind is not operating smoothly, please do the following: First, check inside the headrail at the spring motor and check for a friction shim/clip. Remove 1 and/or all of the friction shim/clips (view diagram). Check for improved...
  4. What do I do if the length of my cordless cellular shade is too long?
    When the blind is pulled down to the full extension, the length is longer than the window frame by about 1" to 1 1/2". This could be mistakenly understood that the blind is longer than the requested length. Once the blind is installed please...
  5. My cordless shade will not lift.
    If your cordless blind will not lift, please follow the steps below to correct the problem: Gently pull down on the bottomrail to reactivate the cordless spring motor. Tip:  Anytime the blind is left in the closed position for an extended...
  6. Consider Cordless Blinds and Shades
    Levolor cordless blinds and shades are safer for children and pets since the cordless technology replaces the outer lift cords with a spring motor system, reducing the risk of strangulation. The spring motor system allows you to raise or lower the...
  7. How do you replace a continuous cordloop?
    To fix a frayed or broken cordloop, please follow the instructions below: Gather the pleats together and hold the bottomrail to the headrail. Flip the shade so that the headrail is resting on your lap, and the bottomrail is facing up....
  8. My cellular shade control cords are too long, how do I shorten them?
    All control cords are normally half the length of the blind when manufactured. To shorten the length of the cord control, please see the instructions below: Untie the upper knot from the thinner cord that feeds into the cord stopball. Push the...
  9. The pleats in my cellular shade are not as crisp as when I first received them. Is there anything I can do to keep the pleats sharper?
    As recommended in our installation instructions, the cellular shades should be raised at least once a day and left in a closed position to retain crisp pleats.
  10. The operation of my corded cellular shades is noisy. What can I do?
    Sometimes on rather large shades, the piece that keeps the long metal strips from rubbing against the headrail moves out of position. This piece is a small plastic component that all the spears run through. Simply push this plastic component to the end of...
  11. What do I do if the cordlock is inoperable?
    Contact place of purchase for an authorized repair or contact Levolor customer service.
  12. What is the MINIMUM installation depth required to mount a cellular shade?
    Standard headrail is 5/8" Cordless and Continuous Cordloop Headrail is 1/2"
  13. I didn't receive instructions to install my cellular shade, how can I get instructions?
    If you have ordered more than one blind, only ONE set of instructions is provided. Be sure to check all boxes for instructions. If you need instructions, you can get a copy from one of the following: Installation instructions on
  14. My cords broke on my cellular shade. How can I get replacement cords?
    If the cords of your cellular shade break, our repair center can fix them. To get the broken cords fixed, contact customer service for a return authorization number and repair costs or warranty coverage.
  15. What are the installation depths required to flush mount a cellular shade?
    There are installation depth requirements for cellular blinds. Listed below are these requirements: Headrail Cell Size Depth Standard Headrail Double...
  16. How many brackets should I have received with my cellular shade?
    The size of your cellular shade will determine how many brackets you receive. Listed below is a list of sizes and number of brackets you should have received. Width # of Brackets...
  17. My continuous cordloop shade is hanging unevenly, how do I get my shade to hang even?
    If your cordloop shade is hanging uneven, you can do the following: Completely raise and lower your shade 2 or 3 times. Sometimes this alone will even out the shade. If the above does not even out the shade, you can pull on the side of the...
  18. How do I replace my cordloop mechanism?
    Gather the pleats together and hold the bottomrail to the headrail. Flip the shade so that the headrail is resting on your lap, and the bottomrail is facing up. Release the control end cap that covers the cordloop mechanism. Take a...
  19. My cellular shade cells have separated. How can I get my cellular shade repaired?
    If a cellular shade has separated, it cannot be repaired. Please contact your purchasing retailer or customer service for further assistance and repair costs of warranty coverage.
  20. Can you retrofit a roman fabric valance to a current cellular headrail?
    For a cordless headrail yes, for a corded headrail, no.
  21. There is debris and dust inside the cells of my shade, how can I clean this?
    Use a hair dryer on low or cool setting and blow debris through.
  22. What is the R-Value of the shade?
    R-Value R-Value refers to the shade's ability to block out temperature differences, such as cold air outside in the winter. A higher R-Value indicates a better insulating shade. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Solar Heat Gain is a measure of...
  23. What are the recommendations to care for the cellular shades?
    Your shade illustrates another facet of quality with its easy care advantage. It will take little time to keep your shade clean and because it's durable, it will stay soft and beautiful for years to come. All you need is a brush-type vacuum attachment or...
  24. General Tips for Corded Blinds
    Keep cribs and playpens away from window blinds with dangling cords. Order blinds with wand tilt over traditional cord tilts. Affix a cord pulley or hold down device to the wall, and secure cord tightly through the cord pulley to avoid...
  25. Blinds at Risk
    Many older blinds and shades, including the following, should be updated with the Window Coverings Safety Council cord repair kits. Blinds manufactured prior to 1996 that have more than one cord tied to each tassel, creating a cord loop....
  26. Cord Repair Kits
    The Window Coverings Safety Council offers cord repair kits to decrease potential cord hazards on blinds and shades manufactured prior to 2001. Call 800-506-4636 or visit to order your kits and instructions. Each kit includes...
  27. Cellular Shade Cleaning Tips
    Cellular shades can be cleaned with a brush-type vacuum attachment or feather duster; just stroke lightly over the shade. To clean with water, use a lukewarm damp sponge and lightly dab. Avoid contact with window cleaning products.

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