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category: roller shades (7 results)

  1. I need to adjust the shade tension on my roller shade. How do I do this?
    With shade mounted in the window, pull down half way and remove from brackets. Roll shade up by hand. Re-mount shade into brackets and test tension.  Repeat if necessary.  (Note: Over winding spring mechanism may cause permanent...
  2. How do I measure for a replacement roller shade if I want to use the same brackets that I have mounted?
    Measure the barrel width of your existing roller shade, not including the tips that are inserted into the brackets. Tell a store associate your measurements and how it was measured (barrel to barrel) before it's sized on the in-store machine.
  3. Why are there no brackets included for my roller shades? How can I get them?
    Roller shades can be installed with three types of brackets (universal bracket, inside mount, outside mount). These brackets are sold separately next to the roller shades in the retail stores. Roller shades DO NOT come with brackets due to the flexibility...
  4. The edges of my roller shade are curling in towards the room.
    This may happen with this product over time. Use a blow dryer on low heat to warm the edges and roll them toward the window to remedy this.
  5. General Tips for Corded Blinds
    Keep cribs and playpens away from window blinds with dangling cords. Order blinds with wand tilt over traditional cord tilts. Affix a cord pulley or hold down device to the wall, and secure cord tightly through the cord pulley to avoid...
  6. Blinds at Risk
    Many older blinds and shades, including the following, should be updated with the Window Coverings Safety Council cord repair kits. Blinds manufactured prior to 1996 that have more than one cord tied to each tassel, creating a cord loop....
  7. Cord Repair Kits
    The Window Coverings Safety Council offers cord repair kits to decrease potential cord hazards on blinds and shades manufactured prior to 2001. Call 800-506-4636 or visit to order your kits and instructions. Each kit includes...

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