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How do you replace a continuous cordloop?

To fix a frayed or broken cordloop, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Gather the pleats together and hold the bottomrail to the headrail.
  2. Flip the shade so that the headrail is resting on your lap, and the bottomrail is facing up.
  3. Release the control end cap that covers the cordloop mechanism.
  4. The bottom of the control end cap snaps into place under a lip on the cordloop mechanism.
  5. Take a flat object, like a screwdriver, and gently insert it under the plastic strip colored the same as the headrail.
  6. Gently lift up this piece to pop it off of the lip.  The control end cap should now slip off the cordloop mechanism.
  7. Remove frayed cordloop by gently lifting the cord and turning the mechanism. (Tip: a screwdriver inserted into the center of the mechanism allows for easy rotation).
  8. Start new cordloop into the pulley by placing the cord into one of the teeth of the gear.
  9. Rotate the cordloop into place.  Replace control end cap first, then replace other end cap.

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