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How do I assemble a loose decorative ladder into the bottom rail of my wood blinds?

INSERT PICTURE 1 Picture #1 -- In first place we have the plastic barrel (1). This goes into the bottom rail. In this case, the barrel is already in the bottom rail. The plastic piece with two arrowed heads is the Clot clip (2). It is already mounted into the ladder (a). INSERT PICTURE 2 Picture #2 -- Bring the ladder and snap it into the plastic barrel perforations. INSERT PICTURE 3 Picture #3 -- Make sure the clip arrowhead pins are very well inserted into the barrel and that the ladder is well fixed to the bottom rail. INSERT PICTURE 4 Picture #4 -- This is how it must look after the correct assembly. The ladder got loose because of the short length of the arrowhead pin. It is not enough to hold the normal ladder, the decorative ladder and then pass through the plastic barrel. We are going to suggest a change in the size.



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