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How do I record/restring my metal blind?

To record/restring your blind, please follow steps below:

  1. Remove the ladder cap from the underside of the bottomrail. (Mark I blinds: remove one or both of the end caps and slide out the vinyl sleeve that acts as a bumper on the bottomrail.)
  2. Pull exposed cords out slightly.
  3. Cut the old cord above the knot and weld the ends of the old and new cord together using a lighter or match.
  4. Roll the joined cards between your fingers to create a smooth weld.
  5. From the cordlock side, gently pull the tassel toward the left and this will pull the new cording through the same path.
  6. When the cording gets to the legth you wish for the controls to be, tie a knot in the ends by the bottomrail and cut off the excess.
  7. Replace the tassel and repeat process for additional cords.



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