measure for: draperies


All drapery styles come with the appropriate fullness built in. So all you need to do is tell us the area that you want your drapery to cover, and we will add the additional measurements to create the right look. (The measurement that you specify for your drapery will be the same as the rod width.)

  1. Begin by measuring the window width from opening to opening or molding to molding.
  2. Add a minimum of 8" (4" on each side) to allow the treatment to extend beyond the window frame.
  3. If you want the open panels to clear the glass, use the stackback chart below (This is highly recommended for larger windows).

Stackback is the amount of wall space needed if open panels are to clear the glass completely. This dimension, added to the window opening, gives you the proper rod width.

Begin by measuring the window opening, then consult the stackback chart below. Find your opening measurement and read across the right rod length.

Window Opening Stackback Rod Length
24" 21" 45"
30" 23" 53"
36" 25" 61"
42" 26" 68"
48" 29" 77"
54" 30" 84"
60" 31" 91"
66" 32" 98"
72" 34" 106"
78" 36" 114"
84" 37" 121"
90" 38" 128"
96" 39" 135"
102" 42" 144"
108" 44" 152"
114" 45" 159"
120" 48" 168"
*deduct 7" for one-way draw


  1. To determine the height, decide where you want to place your drapery rod. A general guideline is to install a minimum of 4" above the window opening or molding, but if you want to make your windows look bigger, you can mount closer to the ceiling.
  2. Levolor custom drapery offers the flexibility of 2 height measuring options:
    • Manufacturer's Deductions = YES Levolor makes all height additions and deductions to allow for drapery hardware. Measure from the top of the rod to the floor* or desired location, then decide the height that meets your style and functional needs. (Deductions for drapery hardware can be found below.)
    • Manufacturer's Deductions = NO Levolor manufactures drapery to the exact height provided. Consumers to provide the top to bottom measurement of the drapery panel desired.
Hardware Type Drapery Style Manufacturer's Addition/Deduction
Decorative Rod with Rings Standard Pinch Pleat
Goblet Pinch Pleat
European Pinch Pleat
Ring Top
Rod diameter = 3/4" or 1": - 1 5/8"
Rod diameter = 1 3/8": - 2 1/2"
Rod diameter = 2": - 3 3/4"
Decorative Rod without Rings Grommet
Rod Pocket
Tie Top
Tab Top
Rod Pocket: + (Rod diameter + 1 1/2")
Grommet: + 1 1/2"
Tab Top: + Rod diameter
Tie Top: - (Rod diameter + 1")
Decorative Traverse Rod with Rings/Slides Standard Pinch Pleat
European Pinch Pleat
Rod diameter = 3/4" or 1": - 1 1/2"
Rod diameter = 1 3/8": - 1 3/4"
Rod diameter = 2": - 4 1/2"
Basic Traverse Rod with Slides Standard Pinch Pleat
European Pinch Pleat
- 3 1/4"
Basic Curtain Rod Rod Pocket + 3 1/4"

measure for: valances & cornices


All styles come board mounted so order the exact width needed.

  1. Single treatments (no drapery underneath) - measure the window width from opening to opening or molding to molding, then add approximately 1" per side for clearance.
  2. Double layer treatments (over a drapery or outside mounted blinds underneath) - first calculate your drapery width, then add an additional 1" per side for clearance.


All styles are recommended to be installed a minimum of 4" above the window opening or molding.

  1. Height is measured from top of valance or cornice to the bottom.
  2. For traditional pleat or contemporary pleat valances select 14" or 18" height. Recommendations for height are listed below:
    • 14" height recommended for 8' ceiling
    • 18" height recommended for 9' or higher ceilings
  3. All cornice styles have a set height of 16".
  4. Swags and cascades have two tiers of pre-set height.
    • Swag - long point range from 18"-21"
    • Cascade - long point is 36"


The distance from the face of the rod to the wall or casing where the bracket is attached. General guidelines are:

  1. 4"- for single layer treatments (no drapery underneath); or under a valance or cornice.
  2. 6"- for double layer treatments (over a drapery).

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