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configuration for Vertical Vanes Only |
vane options. Levolor Vertical Blinds are offered in 3 different styles of vanes. #
learn more Loading... Fabric. S-Shaped. Curved ! please complete this option !

Vanes | Replacement Parts |
Vertical Vanes Only. Choose from an array of styles and patterns. This
Replacement Part is only compatible with our Vertical Blind products
manufactured ...

How do I remove vanes from my vertical blind? |
NOTE: The carriers that hold the vanes cannot be removed. If your vertical
headrail has too many carriers for your application, you will need to purchase a ...

What do I do if a vertical vane is out of alignment? |
If a vertical vane is out of alignment, please do the following to correct the
problem: Remove the vane. Align the carrier stem that needs adjustment (this
carrier ...

Can I purchase extra or replacement vanes for my vertical blind ...
Replacement vanes can be purchased for a vertical blind. To purchase
replacement vanes, you may contact one of the following: Retailer that sells
Levolor ...

Vertical Blinds
Removing vanes from your vertical blind is simple. Please see steps below to
remove vanes: First, get a flat thin object (credit card, etc.) Next, slide the thin flat

Technical Specifications for Levolor Vertical Blinds |
Your Levolor Vertical Blind seldom requires cleaning because the vanes hang
vertically. However, all products and furnishings get soiled due to condensation,

Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds are an easy way to create a customized look for large windows
and sliding doors. Levolor offers headrails and vane styles (sold separately) in a

How to Measure Vertical Blinds |
Instructions for measuring vertical blinds for installation. ... be made so the
headrail will fit the opening properly and the vanes will clear the sill by 1/4" to 1/2"

Vertical Blinds
Your vertical blinds should not require frequent cleaning because the vanes
hang vertically. However, condensation, dust, smoke and humidity can cause.

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