Accordia™ Shades Guide

A Shade More Ingenious

Levolor understands that how the shade operates is as important as how beautiful it looks. Accordia™ offers several smart solutions from an easy-to-use cordless shade to a shade that provides complete light and privacy control with our Top Down/Bottom Up option. You can achieve any desired level of control and privacy with the vast assortment of features and options Levolor has to offer.

Light Filtering

Enjoy the cozy feeling of soft, natural light. The inviting warmth and visual presence of natural sunlight illuminating your home is undeniably appealing. Levolor Light Filtering fabrics help soften incoming light to create a perfect ambiance for both formal and casual rooms during the day.

Room Darkening

When you want maximum privacy or total darkness, Levolor Room Darkening shades are the ultimate choice. From the bedroom to the bathroom, Room Darkening fabrics offer maximum privacy, keeping rooms dark even in the middle of a bright, sunny day.

Light Control & Privacy Options

Standard Bottom Up

The Standard
Standard Bottom Up easily raises from the bottom of the shade. Add the award-winning cordless feature to your shade for a clean appearance free of dangling cords.

Shown in cordless

cordless video
corded video

Top Down/Bottom Up

Improved Light Control and Privacy
Now you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of incoming light and your privacy at the same time. Top Down/Bottom Up allows you to adjust the top independently from the bottom letting sunlight in while maintaining your privacy.

Shown in cordless

cordless tdbu video
corded tdbu video


The Ultimate Shade
Transformations™ combines a Light Filtering fabric with a Room Darkening fabric to give you optimal thermal insulation. The two fabrics on one shade provide versatile light control to create the perfect ambiance or enable maximum privacy so you can relax in your private retreat.

Shown in cordless

cordless transformations video
corded transformations video

Larger Window Options

Continuous Cordloop

Perfect for Larger Shades
The Continuous Cordloop option helps easily raise larger shades evenly while keeping them at exactly the height you want without having to lock or unlock the cord. Simply pull the cord until the shade is at the desired height and the shade stays in place while maintaining the same cord length.

continuous cordloop video

Multiple Blinds on One Rail

Ideal for Large Frame Windows
This unique option is suited for multiple windows in one frame allowing multiple blinds to operate independently on one headrail. The result provides a clean appearance and the impression of a single blind operation. Flexibility and convenience made simple.

multiple blinds per headrail video

Headrail and Valance Options

Whether you choose a modern or traditional motif, Levolor valances and headrails compliment all Accordia™ Shade collections by coordinating colors and styles for the perfect finishing touch.

Color Coordinated Headrail

Levolor is unsurpassed in precision color coordination. Standard on your Accordia™ Shades, color coordinated components conveniently coordinate with the fabric color to simplify decorating your home. The headrail color can be found just above the fabric color for each collection.

Drapery Hardware Valance

Decorative drapery hardware valances will add an upscale style and a timeless elegance to your custom shades. Coordinate finials and finishes shown to match your floors and furniture for the ultimate fashion statement.

Specialty Shapes

Today's homes feature many unique window shapes and designs. Levolor leads the way in dressing them beautifully.

Standard Arches

Select this stationary operating shade for windows set in an arch design and where operation of the shade isn't required.

Additional Specialty Shapes*

Half Arch




Standard Skylight**

Fanned Angle Bottom

Fanned Angle Top


* NOTE: Due to the special measuring requirements at time of order, specialty shape orders (excluding skylight) may only be placed in retail stores. Click dealer locator to find a store near you.

*** NOTE: Standard Skylight shades are not enclosed within their own frame and must be mounted inside the window frame.


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